How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home during the Summer


According to HomeTown Pest Control,

Summer’s warmth allows many types of pests to breed and thrive. In this season, it can sometimes feel like an endless battle keeping a home free of unwanted bugs or even small animals such as mice. Here are important steps you can take to finally succeed in keeping your home safer from infestations.

Seal it up
Ants, spiders and other creepy crawly pests can squeeze through very small cracks. This means that tiny gaps around window frames and doors or cracks in your foundation are like welcome mats for these pests. Mice and snakes can also find a way in through smaller openings than you might think. Solve this by arming yourself with sealing materials such as caulk, weather-stripping, mortar and expandable foam and seal every crack you find.

Remove Garbage Daily
Summer temperatures leads to more insect activity even when a home is air-conditioned. Garbage in the home attracts mice, flies and other unsavory things. As long as temperatures remain warm, make it a habit to take out all garbage each day, or at least take out the kitchen and bathroom garbage. Use plastic garbage liners to keep the indoor garbage pails cleaner. Even traces of food will attract flies, roaches and many other pests.

Outdoors, your garbage container should have a firmly closing lid to deter raccoons, rats and other small mammals from entering the container. Contact your garbage removal service if your container lid won’t latch properly.

Get rid of Clutter
If you store old furniture, boxes and other items anywhere in the home, this gives pests more places to hide. Stored things are usually left undisturbed and rarely cleaned, and unwanted creatures enjoy the privacy. Go through your house and throw away things like cardboard boxes. Donate or store in a storage unit all of your old furniture and household items you never use. An extra bonus to doing this is you will gain extra space and your home will be easier to clean.

Handle Moisture Issues
Most insects are attracted to moisture. Like us, they require it to survive. A damp home or yard offers an ideal environment for many types of bugs. Take care of moisture problems in the home and you will automatically make your home less attractive to them.

Make sure to repair all pipe leaks, make any necessary roof and gutter repairs and ensure the soil slopes away from the foundation to promote good drainage. Just as damp conditions inside the home are enticing to bugs; wet soil near the home also attracts them.

Clean up the Landscape
Look for anything that could offer insects a leg up for entering your home. This can include overgrown bushes next to the house, tree branches overhanging the roof, a woodpile stored against the siding, lawn furniture stacked against the home and more. Don’t inadvertently offer shelter and ladders to pests. Remove all of these to establish a clear zone around your home.

Keep Screens in Good Repair
If you open your windows, make sure all window screens are in good repair. Remember that bugs can enter through very small openings. Many large department stores carry rolls of window screen and screen repair kits.

Store Food the Right Way
According to HomeTown Pest Control, boxes of cereal, bags of flour, loosely closed pet food bags are just a few of the items that could attract rodents and bugs. Keep all of these stored in lidded, airtight containers.

Along a similar line of thinking, make sure you do not leave dirty dishes in the sink and especially not overnight. A sink full of dirty dishes is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for pests.

It only takes a short time for most insects to multiply, and pest management is an ongoing process. After taking pest prevention steps, your home should be secure for a while, but you must stay vigilant. Take care of new moisture issues that might arise, teach everyone in the household proper food storage and disposal and keep the yard clean and clear around the foundation throughout the summer.