How to Improve Your Office’s Efficiency


Most businesses are looking for ways to increase efficiency, and with good reason. Greater productivity means more work is completed, more new ideas are formed, more sales are made and more customers are satisfied. This is not as difficult to accomplish as it may sound. What follows is a guide for how to begin improving efficiency at your office.

Hire The Right People

Your office will never reach peak efficiency with the wrong people. This is why hiring the right employees from the beginning is so critically important. Consider working with an outside recruiter who can dedicate the time and energy to finding talent that will be a good match for your organization. Before looking to fill a position, be sure you know exactly what kind of candidate you are looking for. When interviewing, try and get a feel for the candidate’s personality rather than just his or her professional experience. Hire for fit and you will be off to a good start.

Put The Right Teams Together

One of the best ways to increase business efficiency is to ensure the right people are working together. Aside from hiring the right employees, as discussed above, they also must be assigned into roles where they will be best suited. Team formation is a huge aspect of management. You must gain a solid understanding of the personalities and abilities of each employee at your office and ensure their talents are being best utilized. If any member of a team turns out to be a poor fit, they need to be reassigned immediately.

Use Apps And Software

Software and apps are there to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. There are new options coming out all the time that may provide a boost to your business, so it’s very important for managers and business owners to remain informed of what’s out there. Basic, major software, such as Microsoft Outlook for e-mail and scheduling, is important. However, so are the newer, niche programs. For example, Slack has bulldozed onto the scene as a messaging app targeted towards business teams. It is fully optimized for mobile so employees can remain in contact while on the go. This helps keep everyone informed. Employees can be organized into teams as well as send files to each other.

Work On Better Communication

You can use apps and software, mentioned above, to help improve communication. However, there are other, more low-tech ways of bettering communication in your office. Implementing an open door policy and providing the ability for employees to leave anonymous feedback can help. Provide employee training on effective communication techniques and ways to leave feedback. Managers must be prepared to lead by example and seriously listen to the questions and concerns their employees have.

Implement New Organizational Systems

New organizational systems can increase efficiency as well. These could include utilizing cloud storage options or redoing a filing system to make it simpler. It’s also important to organize office supplies and to ensure all employees keep the desktops on their computers free of clutter. You should also tidy up your office. A tidier office improves employee morale as well as makes it easier to find things. Establish a certain amount of time out of each week where employees tidy up and reorganize after the chaos of a long week.

Improve Time Management

Time management is one of the biggest challenges in modern offices. There is so much to do all the time, and with the endless influx of e-mails and phone calls it can be hard to get any work done. There are a number of ways you can combat wasted time in your office. You can give your employees the resources to manage their days, such as through time management software or training seminars. Another method that works well is to set aside certain times during the day where phone calls and e-mails are returned and other times where non-critical messages are ignored in lieu of getting work done.

Sometimes, even small changes can significantly improve an office’s efficiency. Use trial periods to try out different methods and see which ones work best. You are sure to come up with a combination that will improve how your business is run.