How to Improve Home Value with a Power Wash


If you’re in the process of flipping a home or plan to sell it in the distant future, it’s important that it looks its best so that it can be sold at maximum value. That means certain tasks should be done around the house to make it appealing to any realtors or prospective buyers who might come looking at it. As Forbes lists in this article, there are certain things that must be done to get your home ready including making sure the plumbing, heating and air conditioning are running with good air quality, making sure that your roof and gutters are okay, doing landscaping and giving your lawn, driveway and walkways a good look, and also pressure washing your home. Pressure washing can do a lot to clean up the exteriors if done the right way.

Pressure Washing For A Paint Job Or Just To Clean

One of the main reasons to pressure wash a home is to get it ready for a paint job. Because the exterior is always exposed to the elements and sometimes has pests such as spiders and wasps coming to live on the outside of it, painters usually need to give it a pressure wash before they can start putting the new paint on. Plus in many cases it’s also needed to clean off old chips and chalked paint that’s settled on the house. But even if you don’t plan on repainting your exterior a pressure washing job can give your home a new good facelift and in some cases may even look as if your home had been repainted.

Hiring A Professional Or Power Washing Your Home Itself

Whether it’s a painter or another contractor offering exterior cleaning services, you might be wondering whether you should call then up and have them pressure wash your home or if you should do it yourself. Either way is an option, but you should keep in mind that with pressure washing, you may not save the money you think you will doing it yourself. And pressure washing is not just a simple spray and done job.

Whether you want to buy a pressure washer, rent one or call a pressure washing company you will have to do price quote comparisons. If you plan on buying a pressure washer, you should make sure it’s good quality because the cheap little $100 ones aren’t going to get the job done right. Buying a pressure washer that actually is meant to do a precision job will likely cost you over $1,000. You might be able to rent one at a good price by the hour cheaper than hourly rates charged by a power wash service company, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up spending more time and money trying to get your home cleaned properly. To avoid running up costs and ensure damage doesn’t happen to your exterior, you’re better off hiring a professional if you want a pressure wash that will give your home the best look.

Where You Should Not Pressure Wash

Most regular vinyl siding homes and several wood siding homes are fine to pressure wash, but as the Family Handyman states you shouldn’t pressure wash hardboard siding. Another reason you may want to consider hiring a professional is that you need to pressure wash siding at the right angle and with the right nozzle so you don’t break any wood or even brick mortar. But also be careful with mildew and never use a pressure washer as a complete old paint remover because it’s not likely to remove it without breaking siding.

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