How to Find the Right Church For You


For Christians, church is one of the most important parts of one’s identity. The church that you go to says a lot about your personality, demonstrating to others the denomination of Christianity you fall under and what specifically you believe. Because church is also a communal activity for many people, it can often be synonymous with your friend group.

Are you having trouble finding the right church for you? Because picking a church can be an incredibly personal matter for many people, we’ve decided to create a guide so you know How to Find the Right Church for You.

Know Your Denomination

This might seem like a slightly bizarre beginning requirement, but many people who are looking for a new church might not know with which denomination they identify with. For example, there are many types of Christians who may have grown up practicing the Roman Catholic ideology, but now follow the Lutheran church. This is because some people might not agree with the denomination of the previous church they went to, causing them to figure out what they truly believe and choose a church accordingly.

If you are unsure as to which denomination you currently identify with, we recommend doing your research and choosing what feels most comfortable for you! Once you decide this, your church search will be much easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Outside of Your Local Area

Though it can be tempting to limit yourself to the churches within your local area, you might not find a place where you feel truly comfortable. Because of this, we recommend that you expand your search so you can ensure that you’re getting the best experience possible. Because you’ll only be going to church once a week, having a short commute to get there can actually be a relaxing process! This also gives you a good chance to read your Bible (or listen to an audio book) on your commute!

Choose Which Type of Music You Enjoy

Because many forms of traditional church music are centuries old, some churches have tried to create modern interpretations of many hymns alongside original Christian music. If you’re someone who would much rather prefer Contemporary Christian Music to the more traditional J.S. Bach hymns, you should definitely consider this in your search. It’s important to note that certain denominations will likely limit the type of music they will play (i.e. Roman Catholicism is closely tied to the traditional church music sounds), but you should still be able to find a good amount of variety no matter where you go!

If you are a musician, it’s also likely that you can actually play with the church performers! Those interested in doing this should also consider the quality of a church’s ensembles and whether or not they are open to newcomers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Contact Members of the Community

Do you have a list of a few churches you are considering? If so, a good way to choose which one is right for you is to contact some community members. By speaking with people who actually make up the church’s audience, you can get an idea of the benefits and potential detriments of attending that church.

They can also give you more information on how the church does fundraising and other types of community events so you can get an idea of what happens outside of mass! If you’re someone who does not particularly enjoy participating in communal events outside of church, it’s important to ask whether or not that is required. Though some churches will allow you to simply come to mass and leave, others might ask you to contribute either financially or socially to the community.

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