How to Dress for Success in your next Barre Fitness Class


As any girl will tell you, barre class is the biggest new trend in fitness. Women from around the United States and the world are going to barre class in order to get fit and slim. It’s a great workout despite just looking like a graceful form of dance.

Barre class comes in a variety of levels, so even if you’re new to working out with ballet moves or if you’ve never even taken a day of ballet class in your life, you’ll fit in right away. There’s no need to worry.

Starting Your First Barre Class
There are a few things that you need to know before you start any new barre class. First, remember that this isn’t going to be your average workout class. You won’t be jumping around to fast aerobic music or doing intense crunches on the floor. Instead, you will be standing next to an actual ballet barre. Don’t let this overwhelm you. It’s a great way to get fit and strong.

Another thing to note is that if you are a man who is interested in this class, you are naturally going to be joining a lot of women. It is mostly women who take barre classes.

Anyone and everyone attending class should always make sure to bring a bottle of water to barre. Alkalign Studios said, “Despite being a class based on ballet, which is calm and slow, barre class is quite the workout, and you will sweat a lot.” Having a cool drink nearby will help keep you strong throughout the entire hour or more.

What to Wear to Barre Class
When it comes to what to wear to your first barre class and all subsequent classes, there is definitely a dress code you will want to follow. You don’t have to follow this dress code because it’s trendy. To the contrary, wearing specific clothes to barre classes will help you do better and be more successful in general. Here’s what to wear on your first day to barre class.

1. Choose tight fitting clothing.
Many workouts demand tight fitting clothing. For example, if you are a runner or gymnast, you don’t want to have a lot of fabric around you. But barre class is a form of exercise that really demands tight fitting clothing because you need to be able to see your form.

In barre class, the movements are slow but extremely difficult for many beginners and even advanced dancers. You will have a mirror next to the barre that you’ll use to do all the moves and exercises. In this mirror, your barre teacher will ask that you check constantly in order a good form, and if you have a lot of loose fitting clothing on, having great form is going to be very difficult.

2. Don’t worry about dresses or tutus.
Even though it’s a ballet class, you shouldn’t be wearing it tutu, a skirt or a dress. In terms of pants or shorts, leggings will offer you the best and most comfortable covering. You may choose full-length leggings for those that just go below the knee or halfway down the shins. Choose whatever is most comfortable for you or whatever you have on hand in your closet. You may have seen ballet dancers wearing leg warmers as well, but that’s not anything you need to worry about. Just wear leggings and you should be fine.

3. Dress to be cool.
We don’t mean dress to be neat and fun. Dress so you aren’t too hot. In other words, don’t wear a big sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt, or if you do, you will surely take it off within the first few minutes of class.

4. Don’t forget your feet.
When it comes to what to wear on your feet, don’t worry about having the best running shoes or dance shoes. For beginners and even for many intermediate level students of barre, stocking feet is the go-to. Wearing socks helps you move your heels and toes across the dance room floors easily so that your movements are graceful and smooth. With that being said, you want to have some comfortable socks on that don’t have big holes in the toes.

Use these tips to dress your best for barre class. And have fun. This is a great way to get an awesome workout!