How To Deter Pests In 4 Simple Steps


When the changing of the seasons occurs, it means that pests are generally more active and often looking for places to relocate. This is typically most common in the summer months, but as the cold settles in pests often look for a place to relocate. Unfortunately, that can often mean they attempt to relocate to your comfy, cozy home.

While pests are just that, pests; there are simple ways to ensure that your home stays pest-free no matter what the season is. The steps below are designed to deter any type of pest from entering your home. Remember, most pests breed at an extraordinary rate. This means that one or two pests can lead to an army of critters invading your home, garage or garden. You will always want to make sure you are properly treating any bug bites. However, by following the steps below, you will ensure you are leading the charge on the battle to free your home of unwanted pests.

1. Eliminate Sources of Food

First thing is first: eliminate sources of food and water. This may seem like common sense, but we are all incredibly busy and may not realizing we are leaving out food and water sources for the little buggers’ delight. Additionally, many people think that this means something like leaving a piece of fruit out for days on end. It is absolutely not. Critters work quickly. Simply leaving your cereal bowl or morning banana wrapper out until lunch can bring the buggers inside.

Also, pests may as well be in a group chat with each other. When one finds a source of food, they all will come running. Make sure you are eliminating food sources by purchasing a trash can with a lid. Additionally, if you are already under siege from pests, consider purchasing a cheap box of sandwich bags and placing any unwanted food scraps into the bag and sealing before putting it in the trash. You will also want to make sure you are using unscented bags and cleaning the trash cans themselves. Pouring a bleach mixture down the drain is also very helpful.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice: The Go-To Pest Deterrent

Many of us are worried about harmful chemicals when it comes to battling the war of the bugs. This is especially true because bugs tend to collect around the places where we eat and cook, including the stove, kitchen table and counter surfaces where we prepare our meals. Apple cider and lemon juice are incredible ways to naturally deter bugs from collecting on those surfaces.

This is an incredibly simple way to combat the pest problem. You can either choose one or the other, or you can combine both for an even stronger natural pest-deterrent. Simply make a mixture that is ¼ a combination of real lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with ¾ parts water. This can be sprayed onto any surface. It also does not need to be wiped down; it can simply rest on the surface. For additional help, you can place a dish of apple cider vinegar out to attract and kill annoying bugs.

3. Block Entry Points

This is a twofold strategy. First, you will want to block points of entry that bugs can use to come into your home. This means making sure doors are closed and that there are rubber seals on the bottom. This also means to ensure that windows are fully screened and that any entry ways from the garage to the home are significantly sealed off.

4. Turn to Wine

The most insidious pest of the spring, summer and fall months is the fruit fly. Fruit flies love to dive into a small glass of white wine. However, they aren’t so great at getting out. Placing a small dish of white wine around any surface that pests seem to be collecting is a perfect way to trap the fruit flies (as well as any other bugs).

These tips are the most simple, effective way to eliminate bugs from your home. We all know that bugs can be a nasty pest and can leave you with an overall feeling of uncleanliness in your home. However, there is no need to worry! Bugs plague all of us and with a few small steps, they are easy to defeat.

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