How to Design Your Home in 9 Simple Steps


Your home is probably your safe haven where you retreat from all the chaos and hustles brought about by your daily routine. Whether you are building a new home or just renovating it, customizing your rooms to suit your needs and taste is priceless. You walk into your room and feel an embrace of satisfaction and belonging.

The way you design your home reflects a balance of tranquility, relaxation and harmony. If this is your desire and has no dexterity or design, say hello to nine simple steps to personalize your space.

1. Take a Look at those Walls

What do you feel when you glance at your walls, is the color harsh and displeasing? Did you know there are happy and sad colors?

Painting your walls is one of the quickest ways to rebrand your space. The color should complement your personality, however, when you feel indecisive, playing with color could be very exciting. Block and shade the walls as you feel like. You will be mesmerized at the creative outcome.

Alternatively, use a wallpaper décor of a preferable pattern. Wiki advises you to have your way at it!

2. Discover your Room’s Focal Point

What is the first spot you look at when you walk into a room? A focal point naturally draws your attention. Is it the large window, is it the fireplace or is it the mirror in your bedroom?

Once you find out the focal point, accessorize it with various artwork pieces that you connect with. It could be a favorite green plant, an ancient vase or simply different candles. Just make it stand out.

3. Measurement is Everything

A change in distance between various items in your home can make a U-turn of your design adventure. From curtain set up to furniture arrangement, there are specific measurements set by design experts.

The TV distance between the couch should be twice the diagonal size of the TV. The Coffee table distance between the coaches should be at least 15” curtains should have about 3” overlap on either side of the window depending on the height and width illusion you want to create

4. Time to Bring Art to the Furniture

Defensibly, furniture is a vital aspect of home design and décor. Furniture gives your room shape. With the right kind of furniture, you can achieve the kind of shape and space you desire for your home. You should not be afraid to try out that new piece from the thrift shop.

5. Refurbish Old Furniture

Buying new furniture is not always the last resort. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, study room or living room furniture, you can give them a makeover. You could cover them with new fabric, paint them a fresh or move them to a new place that blends with the newly painted walls.

6. Shed the Light

I know I said measurement is everything but meet lighting. Lighting could either illuminate the entire room; light a specific task or highlight a particular object.

The design comes when you mix the three different functions giving your home a sense of dimension. You can customize your lighting by using different bulb shades, crystal ceiling lights and chandeliers.

7. Mirrors to fill Empty Spaces

Is there a negative space in your home? Is there that white wall you look at and see fear? A mirror not only transforms a tiny space into a giant space but also fills up your space. When choosing a mirror consider one that makes a statement with its frame.

8. The Rule of Odd Numbers

An assorted design with odd numbers is the foundation to create visual interest. It is more appealing, memorable and probably more effective than paintings. The life hacks to the rule of thirds is one of the most used décor designs.

9. Decorate to Design

Decorative detail is another simple way to bring out a new design to your home. Hang artwork, add framed photos of beautiful memories, print favorite quotes and pin them on doors. This gives your home so much life and keeps you smiling all the way.