How To Choose the Right Therapist For Your Child


When your child requires a therapist, there are several types. If your child has a mobility issue, then you might want to contact a physical therapist. Alternatively, your child might have an emotional problem that requires therapy from a mental health therapist. There are also therapists who can help a child who has a respiratory disorder or speech impediment. When a parent thinks that their child needs a therapist, there are multiple things to consider first.

Does the Therapist Have the Proper Training?

You must verify that a therapist has the proper training from an accredited university. Today, it is easy for someone to create a fake diploma and college transcript to hang on the wall of an office. It is possible to contact a university to learn if it really exists and that it offers a program in a specific area of training.

Make Sure That the Therapist Has Regional Licensing

Most geographic regions require therapists to have regional licensing. With the licensing process, a government office verifies a therapist’s education by contacting a university and collecting the educational transcripts. In addition, the government agency will conduct a criminal background history before issuing a license to the therapist.

Does the Therapist Understand How to Help Children?

When you are selecting a therapist for a child, it is important to choose a professional who has training in caring for young children or adolescents. The therapy sessions for children are often shorter, but a child may require more sessions to overcome a physical problem or mental health issue.

Look At the Therapist’s Online Website

A therapist may have an online website that describes her services to potential clients. By looking at an online website, you can narrow down your options when you are looking for a therapist who treats certain types of conditions such as anxiety or a speech impediment. If a therapist only treats adults, then you know that you should look elsewhere for a therapist for your child.

How Close Is the Therapist’s Office To Your Home?

You may need to choose a therapist in a nearby location to avoid taking your child out of school for a day of travel. Use the internet to find a therapist who lives close to your home so that it is easier to make appointments at anytime.

What Are the Therapist’s Office Hours?

Check a therapist’s office hours to determine if the times will work for you and your child. If your child requires intensive therapeutic sessions, then you will need a therapist who has early morning or late afternoon availability. With these types of appointment times, you won’t need to take your child out of school several times a month.

Does the Therapist Offer Telephone Sessions?

Some types of therapists can offer their services over the telephone, and this is helpful when your child has a crisis. If you want a therapist who can talk to you or your child on the telephone, then make sure that they offer this service.

Does Your Insurance Provider Include a Therapist On Its List?

Before searching for a therapist, you may want to check with your health insurance provider. By choosing a therapist who is recommended by your medical insurance company, you can often save money on the cost of the services.

Talk To Your Friends and Relatives About Their Therapists

When you are looking for a therapist for your child, talk to your relatives and friends. Other families also need to hire therapists for their children, and they can make a recommendation concerning who you should contact for your child.

Do You Have a Rapport With the Therapist?

It is important to have a rapport with your child’s therapist so that you can discuss the therapy sessions. If you feel uncomfortable with the therapist, then it is essential to look for a different professional to care for your child.

Does Your Child Like the Therapist?

Make sure that your daughter likes her therapist so that she gets the most benefits from the weekly sessions. If your child refuses to visit a therapist, then it is time to look for a new professional to treat your child.

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