How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Upcoming Event


If you are involved in planning an event, you have a lengthy list of tasks to complete. A primary element on your event planning list is choosing the perfect location for the function. There are a number of key considerations to bear in mind when seeking the perfect venue for your event.

1- Understand All Venue-Associated Costs
Of course, when looking for an ideal venue for an event, attention naturally is paid to cost. However, where you can easily go off the rails in regard to planning your event is failing to dig into all of the costs associated with venue rental.

In addition to the base charge for renting a location for an event, if you really look into the rental agreement you are highly likely to find other charges, fees, and costs. These can include everything from cleaning fees to costs associated with having a venue staff member, or more, on site during the event. The venue may require security to be present for your event, make arrangements for that to occur, and bill you for that element.

2- Timing of Event Accessibility
While it is all well and good to lay out the specific times a venue is needed for the actual running of an event, you need to really work out how much lead time you will require in the way of access to a venue to set up and prepare for an event.

If you are fortunate, you will be able to include at least some lead and setup time as part of the overall rental fee. However, what is more likely is that you will be able to obtain a price reduction for time needed to prepare for an event.

If you have selected a popular facility, you need to understand that it will be very unlikely that you will be able to access the venue the day before your function. Indeed, depending on the time of year, and the venue, there may be multiple events stacked-up on the very day of your own function.

3- Required Vendors
There are many venues that leave it all up to you when it comes to engaging vendors and service providers for your event. In other words, you can hire whoever you desire for such services as catering, bartending, and so forth.

However, there are about an equal number of venues in operation that simply will not allow this flexibility. For example, some event venues will have onsite catering and bar staff, including preparation and service. You will be restricted to what is available in that regard.

Other venues will provide you with a list of approved caterers, bar tenders, and the like. The list will provide you at least a few options in this regard. However, you will be restricted from picking from the listing of approved service providers.

4- Timing of Deposits and Other Fee Payments
Venues are all over the place when it comes to the scheduling of payments for event space use, according to Cedar Lakes Estate. There are some facilities that require a deposit to be placed the moment something is put on the calendar, even if the event is month’s in the future. There are other venues that set a date certain for payment of the initial deposit, but that timeframe is close to the actual event.

Some venues are very strict with the manner and scheduling of payments. Adjustments are never allowed. On the other hand, there are facilities that are fairly flexible, and will work with you when it comes to paying a deposit and so forth.

5- Set Up an Event Committee
You do not want to shoulder all of the work associated with planning an event on your own. Therefore, you will want to establish and develop a committee for the event. The committee can assist on a number of fronts.

In addition to being able to lend you a valuable hand in preparing for a function, the members of an event committee likely have individual connections to vendors, service providers, and even facilities that can prove invaluable as you strive to prepare the perfect event. The team can help you with everything from publicizing the event to ensuring that it really is held at the most ideally suited venue to be found.