How to Choose and Wear a Lapel Pin


Lapel pins used to be very popular but until recently, had gone out of style. Now, they are back and stronger than ever. There are lapel pins in all styles and made out of all manner of materials, so it can be tough to choose which is right for your clothing style. It can also, for a first time user, be difficult to know just how you should wear it to enhance your clothes. We will take a look at how you can choose and wear a lapel pin so that you can look and feel great.

Choose Style

Lapel pins are available in all colors and sizes, but they tend to come in one of three basic options. The boutonniere lapel pin is the one you see most in formal occasions like weddings. It tends to be small and have a flower that you can tuck into your jacket’s buttonhole. The mini-pin or badge is probably the most common option, because it is the least formal one. Since it looks like a badge, men who do not feel as comfortable wearing a brooch can still enjoy wearing this type of pin. The long stem pin features a stick pin and is usually made of metal. It can have arrow shapes or flowers, or even feathers.


Size is important when choosing a lapel pin. If you are someone who likes to wear lots of bright colors and patterns on your shirts or jackets, then you want to consider smaller lapel pins made out of metal, which will not clash with the clothes that you like to wear. For events where you wear a plain suit, choosing a larger, more colorful lapel pin can be a great idea. It can provide that spot of color in your outfit. The usual rule of thumb is that less is more when it comes to lapel pins. If you want a very colorful one with lots of texture, choose a small one that will not overwhelm your outfit.

Consider Pocket Square

In most formal events where lapel pins are used, pocket squares are also necessary. If this is the case for the event you are attending, you need to ensure that your lapel pin matches the pocket square. This means both in style and color, since you do not want to mismatch a more modern pin with a pocket square that is classic in cut and style. This is another reason why metal lapel pins are usually the right option, since they tend to go with everything.

Wearing One

When wearing a lapel pin, you can choose to pin it on a suit flap, on the pocket square itself or on any other place you prefer. Keep in mind that lapel pins are not just for jackets or formal events. It is important to know that the pin should sit straight on the cloth, otherwise it will cause it to droop and can look very messy. If you like wearing long stem pins, these can move about a bit, so it can be a good idea to sew a thin thread onto the end of the stick which will keep it in place.

Lapel pins are a great way to accessorize a suit or even a shirt. By knowing how to select the right pin and how to wear it so that it looks its best, you will be ensuring that you look your best, as well. From formal events to a night out, you can depend n lapels to really make you stand out of a crowd.