How to Care for Your Designer Handbag


After investing in a designer bag, keeping it looking great is imperative. These bags are oftentimes expensive, and you certainly want to enjoy using it for as long as possible. Prolonging the lifetime, and the beauty, of your designer handbag is simple, if you’re committed to keeping your bag in exceptional condition.

Proper Designer Bag Storage

An authentic designer bag purchase includes a dust cover, a soft cloth bag that securely fits around the bag, closing with a drawstring tie. The dust cover prevents dust, dirt, and debris off the bag, but also reduces risk of the bag being scratched or damaged. The cover also prevents fading. If the dust cover is lost or otherwise unavailable, a pillow slip can suffice for the same job. Keep your designer bag inside the dust cover when it isn’t in use, and ensure the bag is kept inside a clean, dry environment.

Since most designer handbags are made from leather material, it’s important they’re kept away from humid, hot environments and out of direct sunlight. Storing the bag, inside the dust cover, inside a closet or similar area is ideal to prevent damage.

It’s best if you stuff your bag before storing it. The original stuffing is best used to restuff the purse when storing it, but if this stuffing is unavailable, bubble wrap works well. Don’t overstuff the bag, as this can stretch the leather. Ensure all items are removed from the purse before it is stored, as items can also stretch the leather material.

Clean Your Bag

To keep your bag looking its best, you need to properly store the bag, but clean it regularly also. The method of cleaning the bag depends upon the type of material it is made from. When cleaning a leather bag, use a special oil-based leather cleaning product. Products designed especially for handbags are available. Use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the bag. Professional leather cleaners can also clean the bag.

After cleaning the leather bag, ensure conditioning is the next step. Bags that are conditioned are soft, easy to the touch, and look better than bags without. Conditioned bags are less prone to cracking as well. Use a soft, dry cloth to apply the leather conditioner over the entire bag surface.

Proper Care When using Your Designer Handbag

Many people do not realize that part of caring for their bag entails putting only safe items inside the bag. If you’re carrying a designer handbag, avoid placing perfume or makeups inside. These items can stain the bag, and cause damage. Perfume contains alcohol and this can damage a bag. Also, avoid placing any type of creams or lotions in your handbag.

Finally, ensure proper care of your designer bag when using it. If you are out and about with your bag, take caution of where you place the bag. Hair salons floors can contain products that can stain a leather bag. Outside, objects can damage the bag, like bubble gum or oil. Ensure that you do not scratch the bag when lifting it in or out of the shopping cart when shopping, and look out for any objects that could scratch or cause damage to the bag. If it is raining outside, consider using another bag so you can avoid taking the designer bag out in such conditions. Water will wear and discolor a leather designer handbag. If your bag gets wet, wipe the water with a clean, dry cloth. It’s also a good idea to use waterproof coating in the bag.

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