How to Beat the Heat During a Summer Move


If your move happens to be in the summertime, the heat will be your biggest enemy. Lugging heavy furniture and a million boxes while dying of sweat is not something to look forward to doing. Finding ways to overcome and avoid heat exhaustion will make your moving day much better. Your movers will appreciate the extra care you have taken to make sure they stay healthy by the end of the busy day. It takes a lot of pre-planning to achieve, but you can do this with help. Here are several ways you can beat the heat during your summertime move.

Timing Is Everything

Begin by planning for your moving truck to arrive early in the morning, before the heat of the day. At least the loading of your things can be done in comfort before the afternoon heat arrives. Having your belongings boxed, and properly labeled for the movers will keep from unnecessary delays. Have a thorough written plan of the order that things need to be loaded in the truck. Typically, this is the largest items down to the smallest items. This will help the packing of the truck move along without delays.

Prep Work

There should be no last minute frantic packing. All of your packing should be completed before the movers show up that morning. Boxes should be labeled clearly so the movers know where they go in the new home. You should be able to take a little mental break now and then. You should not be rushing about frantically. When you are overworked, then things get forgotten. The more you plan, then execute those plans, the easier the move will be.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Consider hiring a few extra workers for a faster move. The more hands on deck, the less time it takes to get the move done. You may be paying more workers, but it is for less hours. You can have two movers loading furniture, while two others are carrying the next object to the truck. Keeping the flow moving in and out of the truck is the key to success. The sooner the packing is done and unpacking is done, the sooner everyone can get out of the heat. Many hands truly makes lighter work.

Provide Comforts

Make sure the air conditioner in your home is on full blast. The door will be open and it will be wasted outside. It is only for a short bit during the packing and will greatly help your workers. It will give your movers a breath of cool air in between runs, making the loading a little easier. Turn on all ceiling fans and any floor fans you have. Moving air helps cool the body down. Also provide your workers plenty of cold drinking water. You would rather your workers stop for a drink of water, than pass out from dehydration, heat exhaustion, or worse heatstroke. Provide your movers with the things they need to do their very best job for you. They will work harder when they see you actually care for their needs.

It is important while you are moving in the heat that you and your movers get it done, and still be in good health afterwards. Heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration are nothing to ignore. Taking a few extra steps will make this move much easier. Order your truck early, get the packing done, hire extra workers, turn on the air conditioning, and provide water. The planning you do now, will make the end result a success. Do not let the summertime heat beat you; you beat it on your next move!