How The Right Speakers Can Take Your Event from Average to Life-Changing


Many things can make or break a planned event. When it comes to having a speaker at your event, the right one can take it from average to life-changing. The right motivational speaker will do more than just talk to the audience. Depending on your goal for the event, the right speaker can help drive change, motivate employees to chase new company goals or motivate attendees to enhance their performance levels. Below are some reasons to find the right speaker for your next company event.

1. Employees Listen To Third-Party Speakers

Most business owners will attest you cannot be the prophet for your own company. Teams and employees are much more likely to believe and listen to things that are told to them from someone who is not part of their company. Having a speaker from outside of the business helps them get their point across without seeming like they have an agenda. A business owner may try to get points across in their speech, but it will have a much larger impact when it comes from a third-party speaker.

2. Add Credibility

Choosing the right speaker for your company event can help resonate with the audience better. It can also add credibility to it. When you bring in an expert from the industry your business is in, the event will be worthwhile for your employees and any important stakeholders. The extra credibility might also enhance your company’s chances of boosting its reach the third parties.

3. Increase Registration Numbers

When your company event has a senior-level associate as a speaker, you may not get a lot of attendees. However, when you choose the right speaker for your event, it may boost registration numbers. Keynote speakers often command a following of dedicated fans. They will have a better chance of motivating attendees both in and out of your company. On top of employees, you may find vendors and customers booking seats at your event.

4. Offer Fresh Perspective To Employees

While choosing someone from inside the company to deliver the speech may offer familiarity to the employees, they will not get a fresh perspective on the new company goals and initiatives. A professional, third-party speaker can offer a fresh perspective and be a new face to your employees. In many cases, employees associate specific supervisors with the roles they play in the company and it is hard to see them in a different light when they are trying to give a motivating speech. Familiarity has a way of breeding contempt, and it is better to bring in a credible source for new information relating to the business.

5. Increase Inspiration

For a company to be successful, the employees need to understand that the tasks they are completing are means to a goal. Employees find they are more satisfied with their jobs when they realize the efforts they put in are truly making a difference. The right keynote speaker can impress your employees on the importance of accomplishing their missions for the sake of the company. They can also help put across the fact that the management in the company is appreciative of their hard work, dedication and commitment to the business goals

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