How A Micromarket Can Change The Way Your Workplace Eats


In today’s workplaces, everything moves faster than ever before. Communication is instant, productivity is up, and the work never stops. For employees, that creates a challenging and high-stress environment where the pressure to perform never ends. That means it’s more important than ever for employees to take better care of themselves, and that employers have every reason to worry about their health.

One way that employers can do that is to make sure that all of their workers take regular breaks, including the all-but-extinct lunch break. That’s just a start, however. It’s also important to make sure that employees have healthy and affordable nutrition options available so they can stay in tip-top shape. A micromarket in the workplace is one way to do exactly that. To learn more, here’s a look at how a micromarket can change the way your workplace eats.

Ending the Fast Food Lunch

The first and possibly most important way that a micromarket can change the way your workplace eats is that it can help put a stop to employees choosing fast food as their go-to meal option. In the US, more than one-third of all adults consume fast food on any given day – so it’s a bigger issue than you might think. With a micromarket in place, employers can give their workers a convenient, inexpensive way to eat lunch that will keep them away from fast food and help them stay healthy. If you consider that even fast food giant McDonalds makes efforts to steer its’ employees away from the kind of food they’ve made famous – this should be a goal of employers everywhere.

Encouraging Collaborative Lunches

One of the reasons that modern workers tend to skip lunch in the first place is that they’re simply too busy to take the time. Some even fear appearing less-dedicated than their coworkers, or that they’ll fall behind on their work and have to put in extra hours. By adding an on-site micromarket, employers can give their workers an opportunity to eat lunch without sacrificing productivity and can encourage the kinds of collaborative lunches that make for high-performing teams. With a well-designed eating space included in the micromarket, employees can recharge, communicate with their peers, and eat a healthy lunch all at once with no wasted time.

Boosting Sustainability Efforts

Today, no business can afford to ignore their ethical obligations or shirk their responsibility with regard to the environment we all share. When they try, their employees are now quick to demand change. In a small but meaningful way, a micromarket offers businesses an opportunity to enhance their sustainability efforts by stocking them with locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly food products. That way, they both benefit the local economy and provide a great way for employees to be part of the solution to some of the issues they are most passionate about.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Today’s demanding workplaces now occupy a large and growing part of workers’ lives. Those demands have led to a rise in the importance of what’s come to be known as work-life balance. It’s an issue that should be top-of-mind for employers, too, because happier employees are more productive employees. Micromarkets can help to support a healthy work-life balance for employees, especially if they’re stocked with multiple meal options that can be taken home. For many workers, having the ability to pick up additional food products eliminates the need to make stops on their evening commute, which helps them get home sooner. It may seem like a small benefit, but as any worker will attest – every minute they can save is another minute they get to spend with family and loved ones, and that’s a big deal.

A Forward-Thinking Workplace

Any employer that adds a micromarket to their facilities stands to gain in all of the ways discussed here and will be joining the ranks of some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world. Best of all, employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive, which is good for everyone involved. It’s a simple and useful addition that will make a lasting and positive change on the way your workplace eats – and therefore how it works, too.