Effective Tips and Tricks to Marketing Your House Online


Selling your home and searching for a new house or piece of property should not feel daunting and overwhelming. Instead, you should feel excited and optimistic anytime you are planning to list your house on the open market. With a few tips and tricks, drastically increase your chances of achieving success online once you have decided it is time to list your home for all to see.

Create a One-Page Website for Your House

One of the best ways to market a home or commercial property online is to do so through a singular one-page website. Building a one-page website to better represent your home and to provide individuals who are in the buying market with as many details as possible about the property itself.

Launching a one-page website for your house is not only a way to offer up information about the property, but it is also a way to include high-quality interior and exterior photographs of your home. Include a virtual tour along with video media to showcase the best features of your house when putting it up on the market for sale.

Even with a one-page website, you do not have to feel limited with the features or the type of information you share. Implement a contact button for users to call or email you directly. Utilize a local map tool or plugin to show the location of your home and its surrounding neighborhood. Share local statistics to inform online visitors of nearby school districts, safety records, and crime stats. The more comprehensive your home’s one-page website appears, the less likely an individual is to seek an alternative source of information before scheduling a tour or a walkthrough.

Provide a Virtual Tour

If you intend to promote and market your house online once it is on the market, do not do so unless you have a virtual tour for your visitors. Using a virtual tour is a great way to show off the best features and spaces of your home even before scheduling an in-person tour or walkthrough with prospective buyers. An online virtual tour is also a way to avoid wasting time with individuals who are currently in the market to buy but are simply uninterested in your home after reviewing the tour.

Use Classic Print Marketing Tactics

Even if you want to conduct most of the marketing for your home online, do not forget the opportunity to appeal to local residents in your area through the use of traditional print media. Consider printing postcards or an entire sheet listing of your home for sale. Include interior and exterior photographs along with some of the most notable features you intend to highlight in your listing. Using printed material to appeal to others in your neighborhood or those who may be in the market for a new home who currently live in the area.

Host Multiple Open Houses

Plan to schedule multiple open houses when you list your home on the market. If your goal is to increase the amount of foot traffic you receive while showing off your house, do so by hosting open houses during weekend afternoons, when most individuals who are in the buying market are likely to be available for a walkthrough and tour.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Home

Create social media pages for your house on Facebook and Instagram to promote the interior, exterior, and features of your home to real estate blogs and interested followers. You can also use social media to schedule both online live streams and offline events, including open houses you have planned. With the use of social media, keep prospective buyers interested in learning more about your property and any recent developments you have to share. With social media, maximize your online reach and your power to share your home’s listing with those who are currently in search of a new house themselves.

Taking the time to effectively strategize and create online marketing campaigns for your home is essential when you want to expedite the selling process while appealing to as many as prospective buyers as possible. By devising a working plan of action, increase your chances of receiving leads and scheduling walkthrough tours for the home you intend to sell in less time.