Bizarre Facts about Guns


Guns topics are as controversial as the results of using them. By going through the history of firearms and gun control, and you will find plenty of facts that are counterintuitive or downright crazy. Here are crazy facts about guns that you probably did not know.

Unarmed Civilians Stop More Mass Shootings than “Good Guys with Guns.”

Every time there occurs a mass shooting anywhere in the world, people will say that civilians needed to be more armed to counter that. The reasoning behind this seems quite logical. Everyone will argue that if an armed citizen notices a shooter approaching a public facility, they will shoot him before he unleashes terror to the masses. Ironically, it turns out there is a more effective category of civilian that stop mass shootings. That is the class of the completely unarmed citizens. According to the FBI, armed civilians and only three percent of mass shootings while the unarmed citizens are responsible for stopping an overwhelming 13 %. The armed class claims that the counter-terrorist team would not distinguish them from the bad guy if they brandished their guns.

Japan’s Bizarre Shooting Statistics

The number of fatal shootings in Japan annually is utterly insane. In Japan, a country of almost 130 million people, the number of annual gun deaths has never risen above 20. In the year 2013, the total number of gun fatalities in Japan has been just 12. That was on the higher end because, in 2006, there were only two fatal shootings in the whole country. When that figure hit 22 in the year 2007, it became a national scandal. The reason behind this is that very few people in Japan own guns. Those very few that own guns are subject to insane government scrutiny. On top of that, there is a very low crime rate in Japan. Japan is a homogenous society with some widespread support of government intervention.

Iceland’s Wonderful Police Shooting Record

It is undeniable that Japan has very strict gun control measures and hence its low gun homicide cases. On the contrary, Iceland population is flooded with guns, but its shooting statistics are quite weird. It is when you look at its official statistic on police shootings that you will appreciate how strange it is. Iceland’s police force had not fatally shot even a single criminal before 2013. When they finally did, in 2013, they were very remorseful even in that justifiable circumstance. It was a madman who was shooting with a shotgun at law enforcement officers. Immediately after the incident, they released an apology.

Men and Guns

According to Small Arms Survey, 96 % of all gun owners globally are male. Therefore, it means that women only represent four percent of all gun owners. The strange distribution also applies to how gun violence is spread across genders. For example, if you consider the San Bernardino killer, Tashfeen Malik as a terrorist instead of a mass-shooter, then the US has only seen one female mass-shooter, Jennifer San Marco. She gunned down six postal officers back in 2006

The Only Country That Loosened Its Gun Controls after a Massacre is The US

Mass-shootings are not rare in American, but the US is unique in one respect though. It is the only country in the world that relaxed gun laws after a mass shooting. By contrast, after the Sandy Hook shooting, the US saw its 27 states pass a colossal 93 laws which expanded gun rights. That included the right to use a gun in self-defense while under the influence of alcohol. Even countries that do not tighten gun laws after mass shooting do not loosen them to the existing ones.

As you can see, guns have an assortment of weird facts relating their use. However, you will note that most of these facts are dictated by the mentality of the gun owners and their society.