A Look at the Most Common Auto Repairs and Solutions


Owning a car is one of the best conveniences we could reward ourselves. It offers mobility and freedom and most of the time long road trips and leisure Sunday driving. However, owning a vehicle is not all fun. Since we drive our vehicles several times every day, they tend to develop several issues through wear and tear. Although maintenance can help this in a way, it is still vital that we know the common auto problems and what we can do to resolve them. Knowing this will not only save you money but will also save your life.

Common Car Problems

1.    Uneven Tire Wear

It may not always appear obvious that you are driving on tires that are unevenly worn. However, this could be very dangerous because this kind of tires has lesser grip on the road. You can check it by inspecting your tire individually using a car jack check for bald spots outside or inside the tire. You should also check for dents and dips in the tread of the tires.

How To Fix It

Rotate the tires and make sure to align the wheels properly. The frequency of rotating the tires depends on the kind of vehicle and the type of tire. The rule of thumb is that tires should be rotated whenever you change oil. To know more about the specific time frame, you can check with the tire manufacturer. The reason for rotating the tires is to make them wear evenly.

2.    Not Working AC

One of the most common auto problems is switching the air con on but getting room temperature air instead of cold air.

How To Fix It

Most often, the cause of air con malfunction is due to loss of refrigerant in the system. It could be because of a leak in the system. It is important that this leak is fixed before refilling the system with refrigerant. Some car owners have air conditioning gauges making the refill very easy. However, if you are not knowledgeable about this, you should ask for assistance from a mechanic or a friend who knows how to do this.

3.    Engine Starting Problems

Your vehicle would not start or it takes too long to start.

How To Fix It

The most common reason why a car engine does not instantly start is because of a dead battery. When you are turning the key, listen to the noise it is making. If the car is totally silent, there might be an issue with the terminal cable links. If your car cranks over but does not start, the trouble could be in the fuel supply or in the spark plugs. If you are not on the road, the best way to fix this is by jumpstarting your vehicle and bringing it to the mechanic when you are safely back home.

4.    Overheating Engine

A cloud of smoke or steam coming out of the bonnet or the needle in the gauge of your engine is shooting on the red marker are indications of engine overheating.

How To Fix It

There are many factors that could cause the engine to overheat. The basic and simplest could be due to lack of coolant. Before filling up your car with coolant, always check the hoses for leaks. Most often depleted coolants cause several damages to the vehicle aside from overheating. Engine overheating could also be due to a faulty radiator fan. This fan keeps the engine cool, so when your car overheats, check the connection of the radiator fan motor as well as the fan thermostat.

5.    Ear-Piercing Brakes

The noisy brake is another common auto problem that most owners complain.

How To Fix It

There are many reasons that could trigger noisy breaks. Loose brake pads or brake dusts within the drum are the primary culprits for the ear-piercing noise they give off. If your brake pads are not worn out, let the mechanic repair it since it could be due to brake dust.

These are just some of the most common car problems and solutions. It is important to remember that if you are not knowledgeable or if you do not feel that you can fix the problem, take your car to the mechanic. Regular maintenance is crucial in the overall health and performance of your vehicle. It also helps if you regularly clean the interior, engine, chassis, and exterior of your vehicle. This will prevent rust and corrosion from developing and will preserve your vehicle’s aesthetics.

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