9 Times You Will Need to Call a Professional Plumbing Service


We have all heard the phrase an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This philosophy is especially true when it comes to plumbing issues. Plumbing issues that are not properly addressed can lead to major property damage or health problems.

The following article discusses nine situations that require a professional plumbing service.

1- Water Pressure Is Low

If the force of water coming from your shower is lower than you desire or your toilet takes a while to flush, low water pressure might be to blame. Leaks, clogs, and pipes that are the wrong size can all cause problems with water pressure. Regardless of the cause, a plumbing professional should be consulted when water pressure is low.

2- Pipes Are Frozen

Signs to alert you that your pipes are frozen are visible frost on the pipes, clanking noises when water is running, and an odd smell to the water. Frozen pipes can also cause water to stop running anywhere in the house. Frozen pipes are a serious issue and a professional should be consulted.

3- No Hot Water

It is not a reason to call a plumber if the water does not get hot immediately following an hour-long shower. However, you should not have to wait hours for it to become hot again. When you repeatedly experience long periods of time without hot water, it is time to call a professional plumber. Temperature fluctuations with water can be dangerous when you make adjustments to make cold water warmer and it suddenly becomes blazing hot.

4- Drain Will Not Unclog

Clogged drains are a common problem that can often be solved with the use of a plunger and a little elbow grease. But clogs that cannot be plunged or reoccur with frequency should be checked by a plumber.

Plumbers use cameras to look deep into pipes to uncover the cause of the obstruction. Hair, a build-up of grease, roots in underground systems, and septic tank problems will all cause sinks to become seriously clogged.

5- Your Toilet Constantly Overflows

The overflowing of toilets is an unfortunate reality, especially for homes with young children. Many times this is an easy problem to fix but other times can become more complicated.

When the toilet begins to overflow as soon as it is flushed, this is a sign there is a blockage. You can attempt to dislodge the blockage by plunging. However, if a few plunges are not successful, stop and call a plumber. Excessive plunging of the toilet can do more harm than good.

6- Bad Smell In The House

There are times when a clog or backup will cause an unbearable smell in your house. This is likely a sign of a major problem.

There are a number of reasons that can cause your home to smell like sewage. Drainpipes can lack proper ventilation or clog from a lifetime of use. A major weather event can possibly cause pumps and sewer systems to back up. These clogs or backups are usually too deep to reach yourself. It is time to call a plumber.

7- Water Colored With Rust

A rust color to water is an indicator that iron is present in your water. Many times this is nothing much to worry about. However, water that actually contains rust in it means there are pipes in your home that should be immediately replaced. It could also signal a problem with a hot water heater.

8- A Yard That Is Soggy Or Has Green Patches

If your yard is soggy despite the absence of rain, this is not something to ignore. Puddles with no apparent source can alert to a plumbing problem. The same holds true for yards that contain an isolated patch of green.

9- Sound Of Water In Pipes

When water can be heard moving through pipes and no one is using water in the home, this is a clear sign a leak is present. This leak can cause major headaches and a steep increase in your monthly water bill if the situation is not corrected quickly.

Many homeowners prefer to handle any plumbing problems that arise with their homes on their own. Many times the problem is of a simple nature and the DIY approach is no problem. However, if any of the nine conditions mentioned above happen in your house, you should seek the services of a professional plumber.