9 Times When Flowers are an Appropriate Gift


There are a number of different holidays and events in which flowers are far and away one of the most popular gifts. But flowers are also appropriate for a number of other occasions as well. Dates, anniversaries and mother’s day are all events that are well-known for being flower-giving opportunities, but here are 9 more.

1. Dinner parties

A bottle of wine is often one of the most popular gifts for a dinner party, but sometimes you may be dining at the home of someone you don’t know well and not everyone drinks. Flowers are often a far more safe choice for dinner parties where you don’t know the hosts well. In addition, wines are often fairly taste specific and/ or are intended to match the fare being served. If you don’t know what you are having for dinner or don’t know the tastes and preferences of your hosts, a beautiful flower arrangement may be a far better option.

2. Housewarming

Packing and moving is a long, laborious process that also generally includes a great deal of downsizing in preparation for moving. Many times, only the largest and most valuable items get moved, which means new homes can often have something of a sparse feel on the decorating front. Nothing warms up a home quite like flowers, so a thoughtful gift of flowers can help brighten up the somewhat sparse environs of many new homes.

3. Birthdays

Birthdays are great occasions for giving flowers, particularly to coworkers. Flowers can be both a very personal gift for those you know well and a more impersonal gift for those you don’t know quite as well. Flowers are a particularly great gift for offices because of the somewhat austere nature of many offices. A small bouquet or arrangement of flowers can add a festive touch to even the most drab cubicle or be right at home in the most prestigious corner office.

4. Appreciation

Flowers don’t actually need a specific holiday or event to be a thoughtful gift. Flowers are a great way to express appreciation for anything someone may have done for you or someone you care about. From a neighbor who took care of your pets or plants when you were away to someone who visited you in the hospital to a friendly or helpful employee who went the extra mile for you at some time. Flowers are an excellent way to express thanks and appreciation to almost anyone.

5. Get well

When people are ill, the cheer and beauty of flowers can be like medicine for the soul. In fact, get-well flowers may actually help patients get well. The fact that almost all hospitals allow flowers when many are stringent about what else can be brought to patients speaks volumes about the appropriateness of flowers for ill patients. Someone doesn’t have to be in the hospital to give them flowers either. Flowers can be an excellent way to tell friends, coworkers and loved ones that you miss them when they are ill and to wish them a speedy recovery.

6. Sympathy

There are a number of different occasions when we might want to show people we care, but might not have the words to express it. Losing a pet or a loved one, breakups or losing a job can all be times when we want to show someone we care. Flowers are a great way to show someone we care about that we are sympathetic to their pain in a difficult time.

7. Baby showers/ new baby

Flowers are an excellent gift for both moms to be and new moms. There is nothing like fresh blooms to celebrate new life -either on the way or just arrived.

8. Artistic performances

Whether it’s for a child’s first solo performance at school, an actor friend on opening night or even a first artistic showing, flowers are an excellent way to say “great job” on an individual’s creative endeavors. For stage and theater performances, throwing flowers on stage is a traditional way of expressing appreciation and thanks for a great performance, but you can also have them delivered backstage or hand them off personally prior to the performance.

9. Apologies

No matter how much we love or care about someone, we can all make bonehead mistakes. Flowers can be a great way of saying “I’m sorry.” Best of all, if the person you hurt, upset or offended isn’t in a mind to speak to you just now, flowers can be delivered.