9 Tell-tale Signs to Find a New Apartment Building


The apartment you lived in might have once been a great place to reside. Things just don’t seem right lately. You may be feeling it is time to move out. Or, you could be wavering back and forth about whether to find a new apartment building. Nine signs should tip your decision in the direction of getting out of there.

#9 – Pests Appear Out of Nowhere

Roaches, fleas, mice, and other pests shouldn’t be acting as your uninvited roommates. If these creatures start showing up in your room, alarm bells must go off. Often, a lack of cleanliness leads to the arrival of pests. A failure to invest in anti-pest services does as well. Regardless of the reason, apartment management isn’t taking care of these critters.

#8 – The Building Becomes Noisy

Apartment buildings commonly have rules in place regarding noise. People do need to sleep at night. Loud parties, arguing neighbors, and other noise issues undermine the ability to enjoy some peace and quiet. Once an apartment complex becomes lax with enforcing noise rules, the problem will only get worse. And you’ll probably get less sleep and more aggravated.

#7 – Maintenance Isn’t Performed

All those cracks in the driveway and sidewalk have become noticeably dangerous. The grass on the front lawn of the building seems far higher than it should be. Cracked glass adorns windows. Really, the apartment complex isn’t looking too good. For some reason, management isn’t maintaining things so decay sets in. Who wants to live in a place like that?

#6 Responses to Repairs Lack Urgency

When you notice a leak in the shower, you probably want it fixed without much delay. Yet, the response to your maintenance requests exhibits the polar opposite of urgency. You wait and wait. Nothing happens. When requests for repairs aren’t taken seriously or promptly responded to, tenants are left to deal with the problems. They shouldn’t if the repairs are covered in the rental lease.

#5 – Concerns Extend to Your Car

Constantly finding it difficult to park your car can be aggravating. When people keep stealing your designated parking spot, your annoyance reaches peak levels. Noticing dings and scratches on a car or, worse, experiencing a break-in could send annoyance levels into the stratosphere. Accidents and mishaps do happen. Parking lots can be tough to secure. If several tenants experience problems with their vehicles, however, a systemic problem is clearly present. That’s most definitely not a good thing.

#4 – The complex falls behind on providing free perks.

Although not always viewed as a business, an apartment complex certainly is one. Anything that cuts into profits probably won’t be embraced by the owners. That said, perks such as free Wi-Fi or cable may be offered by some rental complexes. Has your place fallen behind on common free perks for residents? If so, then you are probably paying out of pocket for things people at other buildings get for free. Moving to one of those other buildings may now seem like a good idea.

#3 – Too many neighbors moving in and out.

Short-term tenants, ones that only live in the complex for a few months and leave, don’t exactly worry about the property. They’re only planning on a short, transitory stay. The condition of the property might decline when various people don’t maintain any long-term interest in the apartment building.

#2 – Fire hazards exist.

Poor fire safety in an apartment complex can be downright terrifying. People’s lives become placed at risk when fire hazards go uncorrected. And how did the fire hazards get there in the first place? Sometimes, outright neglect contributes to fire hazards. Aged electrical wiring isn’t replaced. Smoke alarms aren’t upgraded. Pathways to escape during a fire remain blocked. Examples such as these reflect serious fire hazards and dangers.

#1 – The safety and security of tenants decreases.

Break-ins, burglaries, or worse mean the safety level of the apartment building suffers from serious deficiencies. Living in an apartment complex with poor security can be a frightening thing. You become on edge with worry since you fear the next unit to become a statistic is your own. Fearing for your safety won’t help your state of mind. Remaining in an apartment that isn’t safe wouldn’t make much sense. Most people would wisely look for a better place to live.