9 Smart Ways to Preserve your Floors with Young Children


Having young children may be very fun and rewarding, but it can wreak havoc on home furnishings. A toddler banging toys against a wooden floor will scratch the delicate finish, and a spilled cup of juice or milk can easily ruin a carpet. If you have young children, try these clever tricks to keep your floor looking clean and mess-free.

1. Remove Shoes
A child running across a hardwood floor with soccer cleats can quickly and permanently damage the flooring, and muddy shoes may end up staining carpet. Carpet One DFW said, “Try to teach your children the habit of removing shoes at the doorway as soon as possible, and you will save your flooring from years of damage.”

2. Install Carpet Tiles
If you have wood or tile, you may be concerned about your child slipping and harming themselves on the hard surface. However, many parents worry about wall to wall carpeting because it is hard to replace stained sections. A practical and budget-friendly solution is carpet tiles. These squares of carpet are easy to install, and they protect your child from the floor while keeping your floor clean. If you plan to remove the tiles later, make sure to get one with an easy to clean adhesive.

3. Chair Leg Pads
Children who are just learning to walk have a tendency to hold onto a chair while standing upright and scoot it across the floor. To avoid having this behavior leave deep gouges in your wooden floor, make sure that you have pads on the feet of all chair legs. Adhesive pads made of felt are a quick fix, but these can easily slip off and become a choking hazard, so you may want to invest in permanently nailed on pads.

4. Use a Mat by the Door
When your children are playing outside, you might experience them running inside repeatedly for snacks or trips to the bathroom. Each time your child enters and exits the house, they might track dirt or sand onto the floor, and this can act like sandpaper, scuffing wooden or tile flooring. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool, wet kids can further damage flooring by dripping water onto it. To avoid warped wood floors or stained carpeting, have a mat by the door to catch debris as your kids enter.

5. Clean Up Spills Promptly
There will inevitably be spills that occur while you are raising children. Letting the spill dry on its own can lead to set in stains that penetrate deeply into the fibers of carpet or the grain of wood. Whenever a spill happens, you should try to clean it up as quickly as possible by blotting it up with a clean, dry towel.

6. Put Rugs Down in High Traffic Areas
Rugs are one of the most practical and stylish ways to protect your flooring. It is far cheaper and easier to replace a $50 rug than the flooring in an entire room. Rugs can be quickly replaced, and they are also a great way to make your home look trendy.

7. Use Anti-Staining Treatments
Prevention always works better than fixing a stain that has already happened after your child spills a drink or throws food onto the floor. Getting a good sealant before you even have children is a fantastic way to protect your wood flooring for years to come. You can also get anti-stain sealants for carpeting that keep stains from setting into the flooring.

8. Use the Right Area Rug Padding
Rubber or foam padding underneath an area rug can make it wear unevenly as your child runs back and forth across the high-traffic area. Get a padding designed specifically for area rugs will keep the rug from developing uneven matted or worn areas, and it will also keep the rug from slipping out from under your child’s feet.

9. Regularly Maintain Floors
The final step to keeping your floor from being destroyed by the natural mess that comes with having children is to regularly maintain it. Wood floors benefit from being refinished every five years, while carpet looks better if it is steam cleaned at least once a year. Regular cleaning and maintenance fixes small issues before they become huge problems, and it gets rid of stains before they have time to set.