9 Simple Ways to design effective Signage for your Company


Running a small business can mean a lot of running in general. However, when it comes time to design the major signage for your business, take time to sit back and think about how you want your business to face the world.

1) What Do You Do?
It’s easy to get awfully specific on a sign and drive off potential customers in an attempt to be specific. Are you a large animal veterinarian? Does that mean you won’t or can’t work on small dogs, cats or birds? If you promote organic vegetables on your signage, does that turn away meat lovers? Per Steve Olenski of Forbes, make sure the business you’re promoting is broad enough to engage all comers rather than turning people away on the sidewalk.

2) Where Will You Promote?
Do you plan to market on billboards? How about on electronic billboards? Not all images transfer well from front door signage to billboard to flashing LED billboard. There’s no smiling shopkeeper under a billboard to invite people in so they can figure out your sign and what you do. Confusing signs will only irritate potential customers. Be succinct.

3) How Can You Stand Out?
Not all business signage needs to be permanent. Front window displays and sidewalk chalkboards offer small business the chance to change up daily offerings in a fun and eye-catching way.

Consider carrying that inside your building. If a black chalkboard can list the specials of the day in your cafe, why not provide samples of something new and credit the cook! The way you care for your employees is the way they’ll care for their customers. Portable signs are a great way to give credit where credit is due.

4) What’s Your Selling Point?
If you offer organic skin care blends or locally grown produce, your sign should neatly and easily let people know. Got a lot of sidewalk traffic, or a lot of return traffic because of the Monday to Friday work crowd? Let people know what’s on special all this week.

5) Can You Customize?
Do you have extended hours on Tuesday? Shout it out! Any special scheduling you can offer needs to be made known. If you do custom make-overs and will happily travel for a wedding or other special event, make that service one of the first things people see when they stop in for a manicure. Flexibility is a huge selling point in today’s busy world.

6) Make It Memorable
Not all signs need to be attached to your building. I’ve gotten a flower from a mid-west flower shop that places carnations on cars the Sunday before Mother’s Day. It’s a great reminder and a pretty keepsake. Could you sponsor a sports team and get your name on some jerseys? The kids get to play and you earn the parent’s gratitude.

7) Follow A Theme
Irish pubs may all have shamrocks. Can you add a blarney stone to your business signage? Open your nail salon early before a Komen 5K and sponsor a “Warm Hearts and Beautiful Hands” team of athletes. You’re not just offering a service; you’re building a community.

8) Location, Location, Location!
If you are opening a daycare close to a major employer or near a business center, shout about it! Get your signage front and center of people leaving those buildings. Let them have the evening to think about just how handy it would be to have a sitter close to their jobs. Make sure your address and phone number are prominent, and if you’re allowed to put up flyers, include your website.

9) Host A Free Event
Does your downtown have an arts or music district? Could you pitch in and sponsor a musician for an evening? Put out the sidewalk signs to promote your place as a supporter of the community. Let people know when the performance will be and offer plenty of sweet samples, a discounted facial, or a scalp massage. Comfortable customers linger.

According to Royal Sign, just because your marketing budget is small doesn’t mean your impact has to be. Step up and offer your terrific products as customers stop to enjoy your unique signage. Watch your business blossom.