9 Key Reasons to Take a Hunting Trip as a Bachelor Trip


Bachelor parties are a tradition. Before a man gets married, he gets together with his buddies and enjoys one last night or in some cases, one last weekend of freedom. Traditionally, it is the best man’s job to plan the bachelor party. Many best men don’t get very creative. They plan a night of bar hopping and visiting strip clubs. There are some men who plan a poker game, a golf outing or a day at the spa. If you are the best man and you want to plan a great bachelor party, you should consider a hunting trip. There are plenty of reasons why a taking a hunting trip for the bachelor party is a great idea.

#1 A Chance To Get Away From It All

When you go hunting, it means leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and getting into nature. For most people, this can be very relaxing. Spending a day or two in the great outdoors could be just what the groom needs to relax before his big day.

#2 Environmental Protection

According to the Washington Post, controlled deer hunting is the quickest and least expensive way to prevent overpopulation of wildlife and to regenerate our forests. If the groom is pro-environment, he will love a hunting bachelor party.

#3 Saves Money

If you are planning the bachelor party and the guest don’t have the money in their budget to take a weekend trip to Vegas but you want to get away, a hunting trip is a great option. If all of the guests chip in, you can rent a hunting cabin and it will be affordable for all. You can also camp out in tents which is even cheaper. The guests can bring their own beer, which is much cheaper than drinking at a bar or a strip club. Finally, cooking meals on a grill is cheaper than eating in restaurants. A hunting trip is something that everyone should be able to afford.

#4 It Will Please the Bride

As much as the bride-to-be trusts her groom, she will be worried if she knows that the guys will be bar hopping and going to strip clubs. If you plan a guys only hunting trip for the party, the bride-to-be will be thrilled. This will keep the groom from needing to deal with any grief, making everyone involved happy.

#5 Avoid Regrets

If you are thinking of planning an alcohol-fueled bachelor party complete with strippers, there is a good chance that the groom and even a few guests will wake up with regrets. Some will regret the amount of alcohol that they had to drink when they wake up hungover. There could even be guests who regret what they did with other women during the party. If the best man plans a hunting trip, nobody will wake up in the morning regretting what they did the night before.

#6 A Great Chance To Bond

According to Forbes Magazine, camping, fishing, and hunting are three of the best guy getaways. When the guys get together out in nature, there are no distractions. Without distractions, the guys will really have a chance to bond. Since bachelor parties are bonding rituals, a hunting trip is the perfect bachelor party idea.

#7 A Healthy Choice

Hiking and hunting are great physical activities. If the best man is looking for a healthy bachelor party option, hunting is great. Not only does the group get to spend some time in the fresh air away from the pollution of the city, they will be out walking and getting their hearts pumping. This is much healthier than if the group was sitting on bar stools drinking their weight in alcohol.

#8 Potential Trophies

If one or more of the party guests are actually able to shoot a deer, it can be taken to a wildlife shop to be cut up and turned into venison hamburger, venison sausage, and venison steaks. Best of all, there will be enough meat for everyone to bring some home. The person who shot the deer can even take home the antlers to remind them of the great bachelor weekend. If you are thinking of planning the party at a bar or a strip club, the only thing they can take home with them is a hangover.

#9 Healthy Competition

Guys love to compete with one another. It is a natural instinct. If you plan a hunting camping trip, it is a great chance for the group to participate in some healthy competition. Each man will work hard to be the first to make a kill. Healthy competition between buddies is great and it is also a lot of fun.

The groom-to-be is going to remember his bachelor party for the rest of his life. Because of this, it is up to you as the best man to plan the best party possible. Rather than a typical alcohol-fueled party, you should consider a hunting bachelor party.

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