9 Interesting Facts About Working as an Attorney


Becoming a lawyer is no easy task. It takes years of hard work and dedication to reach this goal. But for those who can endure the process, they gain access to an interesting and rewarding profession. The following is nine interesting facts about working as an attorney you may or may not know about.

A Historic Profession

The attorney profession dates back to ancient Greece and is both one of the oldest and respected professions. The profession has evolved a bit since those days when lawyers commonly acted as orators advocating on behalf of people before juries in public. 

High Earning Potential

Lawyers are well-compensated professionals who make a good deal more than the national average for salaries. The median salary for attorneys in 2017 was just under $120,000. However, there are lawyers who bring home millions of dollar on an annual basis. It is important to note that not all lawyers will become millionaires and the actual salary earned will depend on a number of factors. These factors include the region of the country in which they work, the size of the company they work for, and the level of experience attained by the attorney. 

Chance To Be Helpful To Others

Attorneys possess a unique opportunity to aid groups, organization, and individuals facing legal trouble. Lawyers who specialize in public interests are champions for causes that benefit society as a whole and provide legal services for people who can not afford legal protection on their own. 

Private practice lawyers often provide pro-bono services for impoverished and underserved members of society. 

Intellectually Challengins

Individuals who enjoy intellectual challenges are perfectly suited for careers as attorneys. These intellectual challenges can be anything from developing a test strategy for a recently patented trade secret to performing advisory services for companies negotiating multi-million dollar mergers. Lawyers are often asked to play the role of innovators, problem solvers, and analysts. Intellect is essential for success as an attorney. 

Career Flexibility

The number of sub-specialties within the legal profession continues to grow as the legal profession evolves. Attorneys can choose to work in a variety of areas including employment law, foreclosure law, civil litigation, and others. The possibilities are seemingly endless and there is never a need for career stagnation for attorneys. 

Skill Transfer

Holders of law degrees who find out that a career in law is not their cup of tea need not be disheartened. The skills earned in law school can pave the way to careers in management, consulting, writing, and education. A degree in law provides a broad-based opportunity to use the knowledge and expertise gained in a wide range of professions. 

Global Influence

The legal profession provides a unique opportunity to affect significant change in societal values and practices. Lawyers have been placed at the center of most societies for centuries now. Lawyers draft new laws, operate the court system, and man positions of influence in all areas of government. These influential roles provide attorneys with the platform to influence leaders and policymakers in a way that shapes the global environment. 

Ethics Requirements

Some people may be surprised to learn that a strict ethics exam must be passed before an attorney can practice law. The exam, known as the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, is given to all prospective attorneys. When practicing law, an attorney will encounter a number of issues which are highly sensitive to their clients. It is very important that attorneys grasp the importance of providing these clients with the highest level of security and confidentiality possible. 

Stress Is Constant

Despite all the great things about being a lawyer, it can be a stressful occupation at times. The stress of the job is likely to become less prevalent as time goes on and you adjust to the rigors of the occupation. However, until this adjustment occurs it is important to monitor your own levels of stress and take a moment for a few deep breaths from time to time. 

The Bottom Line

There are not many more rewarding occupations than becoming a lawyer. The job offers a number of rewarding experiences in addition to the opportunity to be well-compensated for your efforts. The nine bits of information above are interesting facts about the legal profession that many people may not know.