9 Innovative Ways to make a Booth stand out at a Trade Expo


When you’re selling goods or services at a trade expo, you want your booth to stand out amongst your competitors to ensure that you obtain more customers. Although it can be easy to blend in with other companies, there are ways to attract attention to yourself and increase your success. Fortunately, there are a few innovative ways of standing out at a trade expo.

1. Create the Most Buzz
Many people assume that the booth that has the largest displays will attract the most attention, but customers are more attracted to booths that are creating the most buzz. Draw attention to yourself by playing music, hosting games, and by striking up a conversation with the attendees.

2. Use Props

Props are essential at your booth to offer a gimmick that draws more people in. Consider using a wheel that can be spun where your guests can win small prizes. This can increase your customers’ awareness of your company and allow them to consider using your goods or services due to more time that is spent at the booth. You can also create a backdrop that features your company’s logo and use several different props to create a fun photobooth. By printing out the photos, you can give your guests souvenirs that they can take home and remember your company by.

3. Engage the Crowd
Those who attend the trade expo may easily pass by your booth unless you make it a point to engage them. Work the crowd by offering freebies, asking questions, and finding something that you have in common with the customers. You can also use a microphone to attract more attention while hosting a lottery, making a recipe, or by demoing a product. This will allow you to engage prospects and educate them on your company in a fun way.

4. Pass Out Free Products
According to Blazer Exhibits, one of the best ways to attract more people to your booth is to hand out free products throughout the day. Consider passing out items that most people can use, which can feature your logo for a great way to advertise. Hand out t-shirts, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and water bottles to increase awareness of your company. The customer may not take notice of your booth but will quickly be reminded of your company once using the product at home.

Food is also proven to lure hungry attendees who may want to recharge with a snack or a treat that you’re handing out during the day. Consider setting out free bowls of candy at your booth, which will attract different people and will provide you with a small window to pitch your goods or services.

5. Bring Business Cards
Many people may want to remember your company after seeing your booth, but often forget the name of the brand or how to contact you. You should bring plenty of business cards to hand out, which should include all of the different ways that you can be contacted.

6. Be Knowledgeable
You’ll need to do your research before attending a trade expo to ensure that you have a high level of knowledge to offer potential clients. If you’re capable of answering questions thoroughly and explaining your products and services, you can have better interactions with the attendees who are interested in what your company can offer.

7. Train the Staff
The most important part of standing out at a trade expo is to have a trained staff that will engage attendees without scaring them away. Encourage your staff to catch the guests’ attention without coming off as overly aggressive with their approach.

8. Use Technology
You can have the upper hand as an exhibitor by using digital signage or interactive touch screens, which will give you more credibility. Guests will be attracted to the technology and will give your brand more attention due to the high level of marketing that you use.

9. Use Social Media
Announce your presence at the event by using social media, which will allow you to connect to audiences who aren’t able to attend the event. You can also use your social media platform to invite the attendees to “like” your page or add you as a friend.