9 Important Tips for Designing a Company Logo


There is a common misconception that designing logos is easy. Some logos use words while others use symbols. Interestingly, even the simplest word logo takes time to create and perfect. If you are a logo designer, you know how important it is for the logo to represent the client’s values. Alternatively, if you are someone that wants to get their company logo done, you shouldn’t rush to any designer that you see. Make sure that whoever you choose clearly understands what you want. Otherwise, you may end up spending more on logo modifications. 

1. A Good Logo is Simple 

As you design your firm’s logo, think simplicity since that’s the best way to put your point across. There is always a simple solution to every problem, and logo design is not an exception. A simple design lets customers know what your brand is all about from the moment they see it. Furthermore, a simple logo design is easier to remember. Thus, it increases your brand’s popularity at a faster rate. 

2. Being Unique is Okay but Don’t Overdo it 

Many times, people use intricate designs for their logo design because they want to be unique. Sadly, this idea also fails them. The bad thing about a logo with so many details is that it becomes hard to duplicate on multiple platforms for branding purposes. For example, the logo design on a t-shirt may look different from the one on a banner. The result is that it ends up confusing customers since they don’t understand it. 

3. Color 

Instead of going for complex design logos, use colors to stand out from the competition. However, before you do this, find out what the competition is doing and see if you can learn from them. Try to see which colors go well with consumers in your industry and incorporate them in your logo design. You should also do your research. Sometimes, you can discover a color relevant to what you are doing that no one else has discovered. Using the color in your logo design can immediately set you apart from the competition and drive more customers to your firm. 

4. Authenticity 

As you think about different logo designs for your company, you should always remember that it’s the firm that makes the logo, not the other way around. Therefore, be original with your design and go for something that reflects what your brand stands for. Your logo should also incorporate your firm’s unique personality. 

5. Minimize the Special Effects 

There’s a tendency by most upcoming designers to want to add a special final touch to their logo design. Some of these special effects include a shadow, gradient, glow or bevel. If you are thinking about it, you ought to reconsider because logo designing is less about the logo and more about the business. 

6. Go for a Simple Unfamiliar Font 

If you look at most logo word designs in the market, you may realize that they have a similar typeface. Although you may think that it’s not important, such details matter to the client. Even if the message is different, a logo design with a familiar typeface isn’t that attractive to the customer. Try to come up with a personalized font for your logo. That way, you can stand out from the crowd. 

7. Think Long-term 

As you design your logo, think about its lifespan. You ought to create something that can stand the test of time. You can do this by creating a logo design that can be scaled to different sizes so that it doesn’t lose meaning whether it’s printed on the shirts or billboards. You should also go for matching colors to maintain consistency. 

8. Don’t Forget your Target Market 

If you want your logo design to be effective, it must capture the attention of your target market. The best way to make sure that your design captivates the audience is to view the logo from an outsider’s perspective instead of the company’s. 

9. Versatile 

As you design your logo, remember that the logo might be viewed from different electronic devices. Therefore, make sure that the logo image is clearly visible from any device. Design it in such a way that it can still make sense when minimized to small image. 

Use the following tips if you want to create a company logo that has an impact and can be functional for many years to come.