9 Events to Host Under Your Backyard Awning


Investing in an awning for your backyard can be a wonderful idea. Not only can it provide you with a place to relax and hang out on your own or with your family, but it can also be a good place to host backyard events. These are a few different events that you can host under your new backyard awning.

1. Bridal Shower

If someone who is close to you is going to be getting married soon, you could be thinking about hosting a bridal shower. Your backyard awning could be the perfect place for hosting a bridal shower, couple’s shower or even a bachelorette or bachelor party.

2. Wedding

Hosting a wedding at home can be a good way to save money on venue fees, and it can feel much more personal and special. If you host the wedding under your awning, then you might find that the setting will be even nicer and more beautiful than some of the venues that you might have looked at and found that you couldn’t afford. Whether it’s you that is planning on getting married or if you are helping a family member or friend with wedding planning, this can be a good idea.

3. Baby Shower

If you are hoping to celebrate the baby that a loved one is expecting, hosting a baby shower is the perfect way to do so. You can avoid having to find a venue if you host the baby shower under the backyard awning at your house, and if the weather is nice, all of the guests can celebrate the beautiful weather while celebrating.

4. “Sip and See”

Many parents like to host a “sip and see” after their baby is born. Basically, this is a short event during which family members, friends and others can come and meet a new baby. Of course, this probably isn’t something that you will want to do if the weather is bad, such as if it’s cold or raining, but if the weather is nice enough for the baby and guests, this can be a good idea.

5. Mother’s or Father’s Day Event

If you want to celebrate the people who raised you for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you could be thinking about hosting an event of some type in their honor. Since both holidays fall during times of the year when the weather is often nice, hosting an outdoor event could be the perfect idea.

6. Fundraising Event

If you are hoping to host a fundraising event for an organization that you care about, such as your church, sports team or a cause that you’re passionate about, then you could be wondering where you can host the event without paying a lot of money in venue fees. Hosting a backyard BBQ or other similar event can be a great way to raise money, and you won’t have to worry about paying anyone for using their space.

7. Band Performance

Are you a member of a band? If so, you might be hoping to share your music with the world. Even if you haven’t booked your first official gig yet, you could consider rocking out under the awning in your backyard.

8. Birthday Party

Backyard birthday parties are nothing new. If you host your party underneath your awning, however, you can add a touch of festivity to the situation. Plus, you can help ensure that everyone is shielded from the sun and elements during the birthday celebration.

9. Patriotic Party

If you would like to host a patriotic party, such as a BBQ for the 4th of July, then you may want to host your event under your awning. Just make sure that you set your fireworks off a safe distance from your awning, if you are going to be using them.

As you can see, your backyard awning can be used for a number of different types of events. Plus, you may be able to come up with even more event ideas that will be right for using your new awning. If you talk to a professional, you can find out more about having an awning built on your property.