9 Crucial Reasons to Use Drone Photography in Real Estate


Real estate is one of the most competitive markets in the world. If you want to succeed in your real estate business, you need to use the right tools and techniques. That is why you should have drone photography. Here are 9 solid reasons you should be using it to the fullest extent: 

It Provides an Aerial View

Homes are not just one-sided. They involve many different aspects. When you have traditional photography, you will often capture the front, the back, the sides, and the interior of the home. After all, you want the potential buyer to have as many angles as possible. 

However, if you use traditional photography, there is one element you are missing. That is the ability to get the roof, or top of the home. This does not just include the roofing material. It can capture the top view of the yard, deck, and other areas. This helps to really capture the imagination of your market. In addition, it also helps you identify if there are potential issues that need to be addressed with a roof before inspectors arrive, which could affect the final price. 

It is Automated

You can’t get ahead in the real estate world if you don’t have control over your time. When you have to do everything manually, it eats into your most productive hours. Therefore, do not expect regular photos to be as effective as drone photos. 

When you use drone photography, you can automate the process. You spend less time walking through the property, in the first place. Secondly, you can upload the photo and video automatically to websites and other apps that you need to put them on. Finally, you can even program flight paths for it to take. 

It is Scalable

You can have a very profitable business practice, however it needs to be scalable if you want to multiply it. Drone photos are scalable by nature. There is no limit to how many you can take, thanks to their digital nature. 

The other benefit is that you can bring a team on board to take over this function for you. Whether you bring someone in house or hire externally, there are plenty of advantages. Take, for instance, the ability to take photos at multiple properties at once. That is going to take too long with one photographer, whereas a drone can handle it with ease. 

It’s Popular

It never hurts to hop onto a trend that is popular and growing. With drone photos for your real estate venture, that is exactly what you are doing. When people hear of drones, they think you are doing something that is ground breaking. 

It Offers Something Unique

Having a powerful business is about more than just doing the right things. You also need to take advantage of trends. And the windows for these trends do not last forever. Therefore, there is no better time than now. This unique offering will set you apart from the competition. 

It is Affordable

No one can afford the kinds of prices that mainstream photography is at these days. You would barely cover the costs after you sell your listing. Instead, drones don’t require a salary or fee per photo. 

It is Easier to Manage

Managing people is one of the hardest parts of business. Managing machines is much easier. They only do exactly what you tell them to do, and they work for you all day. The sky is the limit with drone photos. 

Digital Photos and Video 

Having digital assets is a huge advantage over traditional photography. Save the prints and fancy stuff for your art projects. Leverage digital to get great savings and customization for your brand. 

It is Shareable on Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful way of communicating. Once you get a brand going, nothing can stop you. Drone photography can show off your wonderful properties. You can also add personality to make people attached to you more. 

Getting the most out of your real estate business is not always easy. However, with hard work and the right strategy, you can succeed past your wildest dreams. So don’t miss out on the opportunities that drone photography can bring your business. Review the 9 reasons above and put drones to work for you today.gt