9 Common Ways to convey a Business’ Message with a Video


As a business owner or manager, you often have a limited budget for business communication and advertising. Therefore, you have to use the meager resources efficiently to attain the desired business goals. These videos could be shared with clients (existing and potential) through your website, social media platforms, and possibly on email. For strikingly excellent videos, they stand a chance of going viral, hence reaching a wider audience. Therefore, to produce an inexpensive video that communicates your message effectively, adhere to the follow the following tips;

1. Develop a working plan – to determine the message you want to send; you need to answer the following questions; are you introducing your product to your clients? Are you trying to promote a new service or product? Are you offering any offers to your customers? Is your product or service going to make customer life easier? These and other questions will guide you on how your message will be crafted and developed.

2. Personalize your video – for your video to be compelling, consider including pictures of your clients, employees and yourself. Other than pictures, you can as well include testimonials from your customers. Testimonials include positive customer reviews and comments about your goods and services. If time and costs are within reach, demonstrate to your customers using your products or service. Before completing the video, ask for permission your “actors” allowing you to use their names and other relevant details.

3. Develop a script – do not delegate the script writing exercise to a different person. Since you are in charge of the business, ensure you are at the forefront of developing a workable script that reflects that state of affairs of the business. If people are contracted to write the script, they should do so under your supervision. This ensures the message is captured as intended.

4. Find a narrator – most of us may not be comfortable speaking in front of a camera. We tend to be shy and become nervous in such moments. Faced with such circumstances, you need to contact a professional with expertise in vocals. “Review the voice after it has been done to ensure it reflects your wish and desire and make amendments where necessary,” said Directions.

5. Pick an appropriate setting – you need to consider the nature of your business before choosing the video setting for maximum effect. For example, if you are in the hotel business, an image of a chef in the kitchen would be ideal. Since your video represents the business you do, ensure that the setting is always appropriate. This is what the target audience will be looking out for.

6. Use proper lighting – in case you do not have professional lighting services, it may be prudent to develop mechanisms that would ensure that your video has enough light. Some of the mechanisms to be used could include shooting the video during the day when there is sufficient light. In circumstances where you need to develop multiple videos, consider purchasing your lighting equipment. This would cut down on the cost of leasing every time you have a video to shoot.

7. Take note of the wardrobe – “actors” featuring in your video should be dressed in a way that is neutral and attractive. What you are communicating is your message rather than the type of clothing.

8. Keep the video brief and captivating – typically, an advertising video should not be more than 30 seconds long. Try shooting many short videos which will then edited and integrated into one clip rather than one long clip requiring to be cut down to at least 30 seconds. Compare the various short videos before making a decision on what to integrate.

9. A “call for action” should be included – you need to arouse the desire for you, clients, to want to learn more from the message you have offered them. Let them follow up and possibly enjoy the services and goods you provide.

After reading the tips above, you should be ready and better prepared to take up your equipment (video camera, iPhone, or iPad) to shoot videos for your business. The skills would be essential in developing captivating and informative adverts and messages for your clients.