9 Budget-Friendly Tips for Buying a New Suit


Every guy needs at least one suit on standby in the closet. From job interviews to important life events, there isn’t always time to go out and buy a brand new suit. However, suits can quickly push upwards of a few thousand dollars. Spending that kind of money may cause more budget problems than you’d like, which is why you need to take advantage of a few budgetary tips. Here are nine budget-friendly tips you need to follow when buying a new suit.

1. Have Yourself Measured

Don’t try to do this on your own. There are very specific measuring points so unless you know exactly where to begin and end, you’ll end up with off numbers. Go to a specialty suit store in your neighborhood. Avoid the big, mall-anchor stores as the people working in the suit department do not always have the best knowledge of measuring. Tuxedo rental locations are a great place to start. Have them write down all your measurements so you know your exact size.

2. Avoid the Super Discount Web Special

You may have come across advertisements for services that custom design and build suits based on your measurements with a price too good to be true. Don’t go with these services. The products are quickly stitched together and made in China. While there’s not necessarily anything wrong with a suit made in China, these quick turnaround suits do not have optimal fits. Plus, when it comes back not looking as you imagined, you don’t have much of an option for sending it back and having it corrected (unless you want to wait months). It’s better to just pay a little more and have a great looking suit.

3. It’s Better to Go Slight Larger than Slightly Smaller

When trying on suits, you may find you’re right in between two sizes. Perhaps you don’t completely fit into a 38R but a 38S is a bit snug. Snug around the shoulders is bad. There’s no way to fix this. You can always remove fabric from a tailor. You can’t add any to it.

4. Speaker of Tailors

Look up local tailors in your area. You can even ask the store you buy your suit from (if you’re buying it in person) where they recommend going. You’ll never look like James Bond in a suit right off the rack, but with a tailor’s help, you can. Plus, you’d be surprised as to how inexpensive great tailors can be. A less expensive, fitted suit is always better than a more expensive, one-size-fits-most suit.

5. Keep it Simple

You may be drawn to a flashy style of a suit. It really pops and catches the attention of everyone around. That’s good, for now. But if you’re looking to save money on a suit, a flashy suit will be out of style as quickly as you put it on, and then you’ll need to go and buy another suit. So start out with a basic, simple suit. As you go you can build out from there.

6. You Can Still Buy Suits Online

Yes, you need to avoid the super discount suit services. That doesn’t mean you should avoid buying a suit online. While websites like Nordstrom and Sack’s 5th Avenue offer great suits online, these are often extremely expensive. Instead, go to the discount branches like Nordstrom Rack and Sack’s Off 5th Avenue. These are divisions of the larger companies but offer clothing for a fraction of the price.

7. Check For Bonuses

Some stores that offer suits will throw in bonuses when you buy through them. This includes added cufflinks, shits, socks or other essential wardrobe features.

8. Bring a Friend With You

Bring a friend who’s not afraid, to be honest. Don’t listen to the salesperson and instead take your friend’s option. They won’t hold back if they think you look bad in a suit.

9. Watch for the Fabric

Cheap suits are made from synthetic material and instantly look cheap. There are wool variations that work better and cost less. Consider a wool and cotton blend. It’s less expensive and yet breaths, keeping you cool.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll not only save money on your next suit but avoid spending money on a poorly fitted and ill-constructed suit. Saving money on a suit is one thing. Saving money and looking good is another thing. You can save money on your new clothing, but you never want it to look cheap. As long as you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll have the best fitting suit for the best price.