8 Ways to Use a Wooden Picnic Table in a Landscaping Design


Designing landscaping is something that many people find highly enjoyable. Effective landscaping can help make space come alive. When it comes to thinking about landscaping, each element must be carefully thought out in order to make the whole as the homeowner wants best. One element that many people love are wooden picnic tables. Wood picnic tables can be used in many different ways to help bring style and useful seating.

Camping at Home

Camping is a lot of fun. A camping trip is a great way to get away. However, camping can be done in lots of places a little closer to home. Many people love the idea of using their own backyard as a place to camp outside. A picnic table can be an integral part of this plan. 

Desert Oasis

Those live in a desert climate or would like to evoke the look of a warm and sunny desert area in their own backyard can also take advantage of the picnic table to create a look that suggests this type of climate. The picnic table can be placed in a corner of the yard and then surrounded with clean sand. For additional flair and more shade against the fierce sun during the day, add in a large shaded umbrella on top of the table in a contrasting color. 

Flower Pot Fun

An integral part of any landscape design are the use of flowers and other kinds of greenery. Flowers make any backyard a pleasing space that has lots of different colors and wonderful scents. A wooden picnic table makes a wonderful place to place a profusion of different flowers. Place different flowers on the table. Add in flowers in different colors on the benches to provide a lovely focal point for the entire space. 

Kid’s Table

Kids love the backyard as much as adults do. Provide your children with a space in the backyard for their own needs. Use a smaller version of larger picnic tables designed especially for their use. This makes it easy for kids to join in any family dinner outside. 

Multiple Seating Options

All yards should have several seating options. This enables the yard to serve many purposes at the same time. One area can be used for outdoor barbecuing while other has space to rest under a shady tree. All areas of the yard need seating. Picnic tables can serve as such seating and let people sit down and chat. Bring in several wooden picnic tables to add space for lots of party guests. 

Sculptural Element

Sculpture adds so much to any yard. A piece of sculpture shows off the curves of the space and calls to mind flocks of graceful birds. This is where the picnic table can help. Many modern picnic tables have been transformed. Designers are tackling the form and playing with it in innovative ways. Homeowners will find picnic tables that are sleek and modern, with wood and other elements that soar from the ground. Using a picnic table of this kind can add something that pulls people’s eyes upwards to the rest of the yard’s landscaping. 

Viewing Perch

Natural scenery has been shown to improve people’s mood and make them feel better. If you have a wonderful view, show it off with a viewing perch. The picnic table makes a wonderful perch from which to see the entire space in comfort. People can eat lunch or dinner here and watch as the sun goes down in front of their eyes. Place the wood picnic table at the table a hill. It you have a deck, it can be used next to the deck. This way, any additional guests can sit and enjoy the view with you. 

Water Feature

The wooden picnic table can be used to add or enhance an existing water feature in your home. If you have a lake, a deck on top of a lake or access to shoreline next to the deck, bring in the wooden picnic table. The table provides seating for people on top of a cleared space in the yard next to the water feature.

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