8 Unique Gifts to Give Anyone this Christmas


Clothing and electronics, while great gifts to give, are fairly common gifts to give. If you want to give someone on your Christmas list a unique gift this year, we have you covered! Here are eight unique gifts to give anyone this Christmas:

1. Smart Water Bottle
Smart water bottles make a thoughtful gift for anyone, whether they’re an athlete or not, according to VisionUSA Mugs. Most people don’t drink enough water each day. Smart water bottles solve the problem of not knowing whether or not you’ve reached the recommended water intake for the day. The bottle tracks your consumption and reminds you to drink water.

2. Brain Teaser Puzzles
Brain teaser puzzles are great for keeping your brain sharp. It’s very rewarding when you finally figure out a brain teaser puzzle as well. Brain teaser puzzles are a unique gift to give anyone for Christmas. Brain teaser puzzles can consist of 3D wooden designs that can be taken apart. The goal is to put the design back together again. Other brain teaser puzzles involve two metal designs interlocked with each other. You must figure out how to separate them.

3. 1,000 Ultimate Experiences Book
Another unique gift to give anyone this Christmas is the 1,000 Ultimate Experiences book. Even those who don’t like reading will find it interesting to find ideas of things to do before they die.

4. Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock
The sunrise simulator alarm clock is a neat gift for anyone, whether they have trouble getting up in the morning or not. What’s great about this alarm clock is it doesn’t wake you up so abruptly. It wakes you up more naturally and gently via simulation of natural sunlight. Another benefit of this sunrise simulator alarm clock is you won’t blind yourself with the lights when you turn them on in the morning.

5. 3D Printing Pen
You’ve heard about 3D printers, but have you heard about 3D printing pens? A 3D printing pen allows you to create 3D dimensional drawings, taking art to another level. Warm thermoplastic flows from the pen and hardens within seconds. The thermoplastic hardens quickly enough for drawing in the air, allowing you to do things like draw a wing or connect the line of a cube.

6. Oil Free Air-Fryer
The oil free air-fryer is an innovative kitchen appliance that fries food without the use of oil. This is a thoughtful gift for someone who loves fried food because it provides a way of frying food in a healthier manner. Examples of food you can fry in the oil free air-fryer include chicken nuggets, onion rings, and French fries. The device works by utilizing infrared and convection technologies to evenly fry food. It is also safe to use because it has a closed cooking system, preventing any splattering from occurring like when cooking with oil.

7. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
A breakfast sandwich maker speeds up and simplifies the process of cooking breakfast sandwiches. Another benefit of this appliance is it reduces how many dishes you need to wash. All you need to do is add the bread, egg, and other ingredients to the breakfast sandwich maker, slide the egg plate out, and your breakfast is ready within 5 minutes.

8. Ice Cream Mixing Set
Just about everyone loves ice cream, so the ice cream mixing set is another great, unique gift for anyone on your Christmas list. An ice cream mixing kit allows you to mix your favorite ice creams without having to go to an ice cream parlor to buy the flavor. You can experiment with new mixtures as well. Ice cream mixing sets often come with a marble slab that you place in the freezer for a few hours before mixing the ice cream so that it stays nice and cold during mixing.

There are many unique gifts you can buy for those on your Christmas list this year. Some of them help improve the recipient’s health while still being a cool gift, such as the smart water bottle and oil free air fryer. Other gifts on this list like the breakfast sandwich maker lend convenience to a person’s life. In the hectic, fast-paced world today, any time that a person can save on a task makes a difference. The eight gifts listed above are not only safe but excellent choices to give anyone this Christmas.