8 Timeless Wedding Day Photo Poses


Wedding days can be a whirlwind: All that planning and preparation leading into the most jam-packed day of the bride and groom’s lives. It can be tough to remember every detail. This is why it is important to choose wedding photo poses carefully prior to the big day. Now, there are many trendy photo ideas floating around, but for the more traditional bride and groom, here are eight timeless poses to choose from.

Doorway Silhouette

Nothing screams classic like the silhouette of a bride through an open door. This timeless pose showcases the beauty of the bride as well as the dress she chose for her special day. Her stance is strong and illustrates her power as well as femininity. The pose is versatile as well as timeless as it can be taken from the front or the back for a variety of angles.

A Moment of Gentleness

Weddings are not only about the bride, although she is the star of the show! Romantic poses between the bride and groom are another timeless choice for photos. A favorite is a sweet kiss on the forehead. These tender moments can be fleeting on such a busy day, so take the time to capture them forever.

First Dance

“Sometimes candid photos make the best moments to cherish for a lifetime,” said A Day of Bliss Photography. Have your photographer at the ready when it comes time for your first dance. These photos are full of raw, genuine emotion and fully represent the importance of the day. Another take on the first dance photos can be a father/daughter or mother/son dance. These moments are equally as important, especially to those giving away their child.

Veil Shot

Wedding veils in themselves are a timeless piece of the wedding, and a lot of work goes into picking the right one. Show off that perfect choice with a picture of the bride and groom wrapped up in the veil. Add extra intimacy by adding a kiss!

Bridal Party Line

There are many variations to the lineup of the bridal party for photos, but it is important to have a shot all together. A classic pose is with the bridesmaids lined up on one side, the groomsmen lined up on the opposite side, and the bride and groom in the middle. Another option can be to photograph the bride and groom separate with their maids and men. Either choice will be a treasured picture for years to come.

Family Photos

Nothing is classier than recognizing those who raised you. A great way to do this is by taking family photos on a wedding day. This is a perfect time to show two separate families becoming one through the union of marriage. Family pictures can be taken in two smaller groups with the bride and groom respectively and then as a whole. This timeless picture will provide a great piece to look back on as the family grows.

Ring Snapshot

A snap of the couple’s rings embraces the timeless tradition of ring swapping and the symbolism behind them. A classic pose would be for the couple to lock pinkies of the left hand in a “pinky promise” to show both their rings and the vow they made to each other. A sample picture can be seen here.

Sweeping Kiss

A timeless, romantic shot to be included in every wedding photo album is a sweeping kiss. To achieve this pose, simply have the groom gently dip the bride backwards, as if dancing, and kiss her. This pose captures the romance of the day, but in a classy way.

Once these eight timeless poses have been included in the wedding photo shoot, the bride and groom may want to explore more classic poses. Here is a list of 84 must have wedding photos comprised by Today. Explore, enjoy and pick what fits your style!