8 Summer Landscaping Facts You Should Be Aware Of


The summer months are a great time to relax outside on your property’s beautiful lawns, and you might want to use that space as an extension of a home by adding additional features, and there are great ways to create and maintain attractive landscaping. Instead of having only grass or a few shrubs on your property, learn how to maximize your home’s lawns with some of the brilliant ideas that professional outdoor landscapers use.

Summer Landscaping Tip One: Create an Entertainment Zone on a Lawn
Rather than going to a local park to enjoy nature, create an entertainment zone on a lawn by adding a patio that has an area for cooking and sitting. It is now easy to install an outdoor kitchen that has a gas grill, small refrigerator and countertop. You can opt to have a simple picnic table with benches or build a customized table along with comfortable chairs. A builder can put a roof over the patio and your outdoor kitchen to protect you from too much sunlight.

Summer Landscaping Tip Two: Plant Trees on a Lawn
If your house is hot in the summer, then plant trees that provide a lot of shade with thick foliage. Poplar trees grow rapidly, making it easy to enjoy a large tree in only a year or two. A-Affordable Lawn and Tree said, “Not only do trees offer a shady spot to relax under while reading a book, but also, trees can help to keep the high winds away from a home during rainstorms.” Adding trees to your home’s lawns will also increase a property’s value on the real estate market.

Summer Landscaping Tip Three: Install an Irrigation System
Instead of needing to spend several hours each week watering lawns with a garden hose, install an irrigation system. With an irrigation device, you can have grass, flowers and trees watered late in the evening or early in the morning while you are asleep or away from home. While an irrigation system has an initial cost, it saves money by keeping a lawn’s foliage healthy.

Summer Landscaping Tip Four: Add a Topiary to a Lawn
Design a unique element on a lawn with a topiary that is created from shrubbery. You can cut a shrub with pruning shears to create an animal figure or geometric shape. It is also possible to use wire shapes to make topiaries by training flowering plants or long ivy tendrils to wrap around the device. Clipping and shaping foliage to make topiaries is a form of landscaping art.

Summer Landscaping Tip Five: Make Sure to Fertilize a Lawn
To keep a lawn’s soil healthy enough to grow lush grass, you need to fertilize it frequently with the proper products. You can take a sample of your lawn’s soil to a gardening store for an analysis to determine the type of fertilizer needed. In order to sprinkle the fertilizer, you will need specialized equipment, but there are stores where you can rent the correct devices.

Summer Landscaping Tip Six: Build Hardscape Features on a Lawn
One of the most popular ways to create gorgeous landscaping in the summer is by building hardscape features such as retaining walls, walkways or fountains. It is important to incorporate these features in a natural way by using paving stones or rocks that augment the beauty of your home and its lawns.

Summer Landscaping Tip Seven: Plant an Herb and Vegetable Garden
Instead of buying expensive herbs and vegetables at the grocery store, plant an herb garden near to the kitchen. This will make it easy to walk outside to snip some basil or chives to season recipes. Several vegetables are easy to grow from seedlings, and you can have fresh tomatoes and bell peppers throughout the summer. If you take time to design a vegetable and herb garden, it can make a lawn more attractive.

Summer Landscaping Tip Eight: Build a Gazebo for Relaxation
A gazebo is a fun thing to have in a backyard because it provides protection from the sun while you sit on a comfortable bench working on a laptop or while having a picnic at a small table that has chairs. You can have a light fixture installed in the ceiling of the gazebo, and if insects are a problem, then also have a bug zapper installed to eliminate mosquitoes and flies.

Take Time to Make the Changes to Your Home’s Landscaping 
You don’t need to make all of the changes to your home’s landscaping at one time because there are several hot summer months to plan and build new things on a lawn. After making improvements to a home’s lawns, you may find that going outside to entertain or relax is your favorite thing to do in the summer.

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