8 Steps to Learning How to do a Back-flip


Many people strive to become a master at the back-flip. It is a cool gymnastic skill, and it’s a way to seriously impress your all of your friends. If you want to learn how to do a back-flip, you need to follow the eight steps listed below.

1. Master The Back Hand-Spring

Before you do a back-flip, you really should master the back hand-spring. It will get you used to diving backwards and flipping your feet over your head. If you can do a back hand-spring, you are well on your way to doing a back-flip.

2. Watch A Few Videos Of Others Doing It

You can learn a lot about how a back-flip is done by watching others do it. Pull up some back-flip videos online. Pay attention to their form and the speed at which they are able to get around.

3. Do Hip Rotation Skills While Lying On The Ground

It might feel weird trying to do a back-flip for the first time. You can get a feel for it by practicing hip rotation skills while you are lying on the ground. Lay down on a mat with your arm straight up by your ears. Bring your legs up toward your head in a tucked position. If you are having difficulty doing this, you are only tucking your legs and not rotating your hips.

4. Practice Jumping Up And Tucking Your Body

In order to get around quickly in your back-flip, you need to know how to tuck your body. You can easily prepare your body for it by jumping straight up in the air and tucking your legs. Once you get used to this, you can also practice swinging your arms up while you are jumping.

5. Try It On The Trampoline

If you feel like you are ready to try a back-flip, do it on the trampoline first. It will allow you to get some extra height, and you will have the trampoline mat to catch you if you don’t land it. You may need to jump up and down a few times before you feel confident enough to do your back-flip. Once you feel like you’ve mastered it, you should try doing it while you are just standing on the trampoline.

6. Have Someone Spot You

Before you try a back-flip on your own on the ground, you need to have someone spot you. This will ensure that you are safe and don’t hurt yourself. The person that spots you should have experience with spotting back-flips. They will also be able to provide you with feed-back and pointers that will help you.

7. Get Into The Proper Position

When you are ready to do a back-flip on your own, you first need to make sure that you are in the proper position. You should be standing up straight with your legs together. You should be on a tumbling mat if at all possible.

8. Just Go For It

After you’ve completed all of the steps mentioned above, you just need to go for your back-flip. Jump up, bend your knees and swing your arms back. Use your momentum to get your legs over your head. Make sure you keep from throwing your head back, and don’t arch your back. Try not to panic when you are in the middle of your back-flip. Just go for it, and concentrate on what you should be doing.

In conclusion, it may take a while for you to learn how to do a back-flip. If you utilize the steps mentioned above, you will gradually learn how to do one. Don’t try to rush the process, but be persistent in your pursuit of mastering a back-flip. If you don’t give up, you will be able to do it.

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