8 Reasons to Have a Phone Repaired Instead of Buying One


Having access to a quality cell phone is a practical necessity today. If your phone suddenly breaks down and doesn’t work, it can be a huge inconvenience. In these situations, many people naturally want to pay for a brand new phone that will be modern and reliable. While there are advantages to having a brand new phone, another option would be to have your existing phone repaired. There are several reasons why you should have your existing phone repaired instead of buying a brand new phone.


One of the main reasons why you should repair your existing phone is that it is a much more affordable option. New cell phones today can cost well over $1,000 and they are only getting more expensive. At the same time, many common cell phone repairs can cost well under $100 and they may be covered by a warranty of insurance plan. This can make repairing your existing phone much more cost effective.

Plan Flexibility

When you are thinking about switching to a new phone you also need to consider your flexibility in switching plans. Due to the high initial cost of buying a phone, many people end up choosing to accept a discounted phone price in lieu of signing a long-term service agreement with a cell phone company. Those that are locked into these plans will often find that they are not able to switch to more affordable plans. If you choose to buy a new phone instead of repair the existing one, you will have to be locked into a new plan.

Time Commitment

There is also a big time commitment that comes with buying a new phone. If your existing phone is damaged, you could have it repaired from the convenience of your own home or a local repair shop in well under one hour. This is much shorter than if you were to order a new phone, which could leave you without a phone for up to a week.

Data Loss

Depending on your phone damage, you may not be able to turn the phone on. If you have not updated or backed up your phone in some time, this could mean that you lost a lot of data. This data can include the loss of pictures, important notes, applications, and other valuable information. If you choose to repair the phone instead, all of this information can be recovered.


Ultimately, choosing to repair a phone instead of buying a new one is much better for the environment. Between materials, shipping, packaging, and other associated expenses, it takes a lot of resources and energy to buy a new phone. If you choose to repair an existing one, you will be doing your part in helping the environment.

Lack of Improvement

Another reason why you should consider simply repairing instead of replacing your phone is that you may not see much of an improvement in your new phone. When you are committed to a certain brand of phone, there are certain years and iterations in which you will see that there is a big improvement in size, service, and functionality. However, there are other times in which the improvements are very minimal. In these situations, there is almost not benefit to upgrading the phone as it will not provide any additional value.


Switching to a new phone is also a challenge because it may require you to get new accessories. The major cell phone manufacturers have made a lot of changes to phones over the recent years that have changed the body and style of the phone. In some cases this has included removing a headphone jack, changing the charger input, and making other changes that impact your ability to use existing accessories. Switching to a new phone could then mean that you need to spend hundreds of dollars buying new accessories for the phone.


Finally, when you purchase a brand new phone there will be a learning curve involved. If you are used to how your old phone works, you may want to avoid switching as this will mean having to learn about new quirks and features that come with operating a new phone with a different system.

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