8 Lessons to Learn From Taking Ballroom Dancing


You’ve not lived your life fully unless you’ve experienced what it has to offer. One of the most exciting experiences that you could ever get yourself involved in is ballroom dancing. This art form requires you to be good on your feet. 

Ballroom dancing has been practiced for centuries and still remains one of the most popular dances for high end social occasions. Just like some other dancing techniques, there’s a lot to learn from ballroom dancing:

1. You need to develop trust

The truth about ballroom dancing is that it involves a lot of steps and proximity dancing. If you are shy and hate being a little touchy or looking into someone else’s eyes, you may take forever to learn even the little steps. This art form requires that you to have trust in your partner. You should trust them enough to be comfortable with proximity dancing. After all, they also want to enjoy the experience as much as you do. So don’t make it difficult. 

2. Dance without being shy

Ballroom dancing allows you to enjoy yourself and release the performer in you. There might be people watching. This could be your leader, partner or even the audience at large. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Whenever you hit the dance floor, you need to take your mind off everything else and focus on what you’re doing. 

3. You’re Going to Step on People

Being a beginner at ballroom dancing can make you feel nervous. As such, you’re bound to make mistakes. This may go as far as stepping on the toes of your dance partner or trainer. As much as you’d hate to do it, you need to understand that this is just part of learning, and you can only get better by practicing and doing it over and over again.

4. Solo Practice helps

Ballroom dancing is best taught with an experienced partner they know what they are doing. All the same, taking some time off to practice on your own is can make a huge difference. You can wake up early to practice before you begin anything else. If you’re a night person, you can practice before you sleep. As you perform your solo practices, you have to find somewhere quiet and free from interruptions. 

5. Discipline is the Way to Go

As soon as you kick start your ballroom training, you’ll notice that you’ll be subjected to several instructions. If you really want to learn, you have to follow each and every instruction given since your instructor knows what’s best for you. The instructor may need you to practice the same move for long hours. Don’t try to object or do things your own way because it won’t take you anywhere. Discipline will take you a long way when it comes to picking up new moves and improving your overall dancing.

6. Keep it Moving

Learning is something that requires patience and determination in order to overcome the challenges. Being a good ballroom dancer is all about learning from your instructor as well as from your own mistakes. This means that even if you make an error, you shouldn’t give up and walk away. You need to carry on with the same pace since mistakes are there to be made and corrected. 

7. Creativity

Once you start to up your dancing moves you’ll notice that your confidence and self-esteem is going to rise. This will make you want to try out new difficult moves that you once thought were impossible. As you continue learning, you might also tweak some of the moves to your advantage. 

8. Leadership

After learning ballroom dancing for a while and mastering some moves, you’re going to have to teach the same concept to other beginners that may later join the class. The more you teach people, the more likely you are to develop leadership skills.

Ballroom dancing is good for both the body and mind since it helps you to improve your body fitness and sharpen your mental focus. Just make sure that you are ready to commit to everything your instructor teaches you if you want to master the skill within a short time.