8 Killer Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Home’s Sale


Real estate markets are heating up all around the country. Nevertheless, home sellers generally feel the cannot sell their properties fast enough. The following eight tips may help a home sell faster.

Price Realistically
While markets are rebounding, some homeowners still find that values in their area are still not quite as high as they were at the time of purchase. Therefore, the temptation to set an unrealistically high asking price may be strong. While many sellers price aggressively under the belief that they can always lower the price later, overpricing can turn away many prospective buyers early before they have taken a closer look at the home. Furthermore, those who do come to view the home will oftentimes expect more amenities based on the asking price. The overall goal is to price somewhat ambitiously, but still reasonably for the house and the market.

Get Organized
Simply tidying up before showings is oftentimes not enough when it comes to selling a home quickly. Sellers are often dissuaded from buying a property when the interior feels disorderly. This is especially true of properties that are smaller in size. People who are selling their home are in a particularly unique situation because their closets and storage spaces will be closely scrutinized. A professional organizer can help with purging, organizing, and effectively relocating items that may otherwise distract sellers from focusing on the home’s value.

In addition to getting organized, it is also within the homeowners best interest to minimize all furniture and home decor and to make the interior as neat and basic as possible. Doing so will allow the seller to more easily envision themselves living in the home with their own furnishings in place. According to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, homeowners should also depersonalize by removing and photos and even artwork that may only appeal to particular tastes. Homes sell best when potential buyers feel like they are walking into a blank canvas with seemingly endless possibilities.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint
Painting is a cost-effective way to give a house an updated feel. Homeowners who have very uniquely painted walls should consider painting as a means of depersonalizing. When it comes to creating the blank canvas appeal, white walls are best.

Go Digital
Google and the National Association of Realtors conducted a joint study that revealed 90 percent of surveyed home buyers conducted their search online. Therefore, the internet is a valuable tool homeowners should at least consider adding to their arsenal when they are ready to sell. Similar to other avenues of advertising a home for sale, online listings require the same level of care when displaying the property. Homeowners should ensure that only clear, high-quality digital photos are used. Dim lighting and low resolution images will make it more difficult for prospective buyers to see and appreciate the home’s best features. Many real estate agents are skilled at taking high-quality listing photos. Homeowners may also wish to seek out the services of a professional photographer who specializes in real estate photography.

Boost Curb Appeal
In real estate, first impressions are made as the potential buyer approaches from the outside. Therefore, lawns, hedges, and exterior paint should be well-maintained while the home is on the market. If aesthetic repairs are necessary, the buyer should complete them prior to listing the home for sale.

List at the Right Time
Most real estate markets slow down during the winter months. Therefore, homeowners can expect to sell faster when listing their properties during the summer. According to The Motley Fool, convenience, favorable weather, and less demanding schedules are all contributing factors to the increase in summer buyers.

Add Fragrance
Smell is a minor detail that is often overlooked when it comes to selling a house. Not only should the interior be completely void of odor, but certain scents like cotton and vanilla can make sellers feel more at home. Some realtors even suggest baking cookies in the oven prior to an open house.

Even in markets that are more sluggish, homeowners who wish to sell may still do relatively expediently. The key to a faster sale is to make the property positively stand out from the others as much as possible.