8 Interior Design Tips For Making A Space Appear Larger


Many people have spaces that aren’t big. Smaller spaces can feel cramped and uninviting. Fortunately, there are lots of tricks you can use to make any room in your home feel larger. These simple changes don’t cost a lot and will look great.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to expand the feel of space. A mirror expands the feel of the space by reflecting things back. You can use mirrors in lots of different ways. A large mirror against one wall makes that wall feel further way. Smaller, scattered mirror bring light and an open feel to any corner. For added interest, think about the framing. Scale down the frames to blend in even more.

Paint it White

White is welcoming and warm. It works all year long. Use white in your smallest spaces. Light colors such as white make any walls feel as if they are retreating. White is also ideal because it works with many types of design styles and lots of colors. As a neutral, it is the perfect backdrop for everything in the room. White is also easy to keep clean.

One Large Piece

One way to make the space feel seem larger is to use one large piece as a focal point. For example, a large sofa is a good choice as it gives lots of seating. Pair it with scaled down pieces that offer a place to put a glass of wine. A large sofa also makes the space feel quite cozy without making it feel too cramped. Bring in lots of warm surfaces to match such as thick rugs and lots of pillows.

Keep Curtains to a Minimum

Curtains take up literal and metaphorical space. If space in the room is less than ample, you’ll want to avoid bringing in items you don’t need. Curtains and other window coverings should be kept as simple as possible. Look for light and airy fabrics that also give you privacy while still letting in as much light into any room. White curtains are a great choice. They’ll blend in very well with the white walls.

Hide Storage

Storage is important in any room. In smaller rooms, storage becomes even more important. However, you may not have much space to keep things. In that case, look for items that do double duty. Many companies sell pieces with hidden storage. You can buy a useful coffee table with a lid underneath concealing the fact that items are stored in there. Other items can also be used this way. A rocking chair may have a footstool that opens up to reveal spaces to conceal your favorite books and a child’s most beloved toys. This also keeps clutter in the room to a minimum.

Bring It Away From the Walls

Think about furniture placement carefully. Many homeowners choose to place all the furnishings against the walls. In a cramped room, doing so has many disadvantages. It makes it harder to walk from one part of the room to another. It also makes the room feel quite cramped. Bring your items away from those walls. Think about conversation pieces that enable people to speak to others or relax with a book late at night.

Hang Shelves on High

One way of helping make any room feel higher is to put shelves up higher than normal. Shelving should be open and not made of thick wood. A single small shelf can be placed along the entire side of the room. This is a good place to add books and other knickknacks that can bring in lots of pleasing details that won’t overwhelm the entire room in the process.

Ground the Lights

There’s no need for overhead lights in a small space. Overhead lights may add light the room doesn’t need. Instead, think about scattering varied types of lights. For example, place a small lap on the top of a desk. The small scale of the lamp matches the small scale of the rest of the room. When you use larger lights, you’re putting all the light in a single part of the room that can feel quite harsh. Use warmer, softer lights across the entire room for a better feel.