8 Homecoming Dresses You Have to See to Believe


Homecoming is a tradition of most schools. Its purpose is to welcome back alumni. Many high schools and universities in the United States and Canada hold a homecoming in late September or early October. The homecoming is usually created around a football game or some other sport event that is followed by a dance. During the homecoming dance, fancy dresses are worn by the attendees.

Homecoming is a huge, yearly event of high schools, universities or colleges. The homecoming dance is second only to the yearly prom. Whereas prom attire usually includes long gowns and trains, the homecoming dance attire is sequined, lace, satin, knee-length or higher frocks more suited to teens or millennials. Any gal attending a homecoming dance wants that hard-to-find, perfect dress. Well, perhaps these tips will help you to find that perfect dress. Will one of these eight homecoming dresses be the perfect dress for you?

What Makes a Homecoming Dress Perfect for You

The Right Cut or Length is Important When Selecting Your Perfect Homecoming dress.

The ideal length should fall at the knee or just above it. Full-length gowns are more appropriate for proms but for a homecoming they would be a faux pas. Homecoming dresses can have sleek silhouettes and cuts, but ruffles and tulle are also suited to the occasion. Madison James said, “The important thing is that the dress allows comfortable dancing movements.” It is recommended that the dress have straps or a form of support. A strapless dress must be an impeccable fit.

The Fabric, Pattern and Color Should Fit the Season.

Since a homecoming usually takes place in the autumn, you should avoid tie-dye patterns, bright colors or florals. Colors for a homecoming dress should be white, metallic tones, ivories, black or dark colors. A fun option could be animal prints or an elegant style with dark brocade. A fabric with a sheen fabric would also be a good choice for a homecoming dress.

This dress by Mac Duggal is another gorgeous example of a dress that is captivating, classy and timeless. The waist is accented with a prim bow adding to the enchantment of this two-tone homecoming dress. Its style and grace is complete with its shimmering mid-thigh length.

Be Sure Your Dress is tastefully in Line With Your School’s Dress Code for the Event.

Sherri Hill designed a magnificent black halter dress that features a high neckline to meet any school’s dress code. Its stylish bodice as well as its A-line waistline creates both a charming silhouette and intrigue to the homecoming dress. Decorated with beaded, lace embellishments add beautifully to this dress’s enchantment.

Also, keep the term “semi-formal” in mind when selecting your dress. Be tasteful with your selection by avoiding dresses with runway ruffles or cumbersome ornamentation.

The Style of your Homecoming Dress Should Reflect Your Personality.

If you’re flirtatious, perhaps a dazzling one-shoulder silhouette would be perfect for you.

A sheath one-shoulder sleeveless and the other shoulder adorned with beads make this satin and short dress a chic and trendy choice for those of you who are flirtatious. It can actually be tailor made to order for a custom look and fit

Are You Outgoing and Brash?

If so an animal print such as the one shown above might be the dress for you. Ravishing will be the word to describe you when you wear this fantastically beautiful homecoming dress. Its lovely animal print shirt with an overlay of soft black tulle is what gives it that brash look. The dress’s sexy black bodice adorned with sparkling black beads creates a halter neckline that is outstandingly elegant.

You may prefer an elegant touch in your attire.

The long delicate sleeves of lace scalloped and fringed edges give this homecoming dress both an elegant touch as well as a sexy feel. Its stunning neckline will certainly turn heads and create a look that will without a doubt fit your personality.

Are You Quirky, Fun and Creative?

Those of you who fit this description will love making your appearance at your homecoming with a dress that has ruffles, bows or tulle. This purple printed satin homecoming dress with an overlay in tulle is certainly an adorable choice for a fun loving gal. The one-shoulder strap is ruffled adding a bit of pizzazz to this empire waist dress. Highlighting the waist is a thick satin band that is cinched for emphasis.