8 Hacks to Make Your Moving Day a Breeze


The average person moves about 12 times in his or her lifetime. Therefore, chances are you have experienced the wonderful joys of moving. You might have even read a few articles and tried a few suggestions from those articles to make your move pain free.

Moving is tough, but does not need to be the painful process it has in the past. These 8 moving hacks will make the most difficult parts of moving a breeze.

1. Schedule the Transfer of You Utilities in Advance

Show up to your new home with your utilities already transferred. Most utility companies will schedule weeks in advance for your utilities to move on moving day. Make the call and transfer the utilities.

2. Do NOT Pack the Contents of Dressers in Boxes

Unloading a dresser into boxes just means more trips to make. Rather than stuffing your shirts, pants, and sponge bob square pants socks into several boxes and hauling them into the moving truck, just grab some packing wrap and wrap the drawers shut. Yes, the dresser will be heavier this way, but all moving companies provide a dolly with the truck these days. So, wrap that dresser up and use the dolly to load it on and off the truck.

3. Keep and Store Boxes

Few things are worse than having to break your packing routine to go get more boxes. To avoid this, save the boxes you receive over the years. These can be boxes from a previous move, boxes received from packages delivered, shoe boxes, or so forth. If you do not think you receive many boxes throughout the year, consider that Amazon alone ships five billion packages per year. You have probably been the recipient of one of these packages, which undoubtedly included a box. Save that box!

4. Catalogue Boxes

If you are old school like most people, you probably have a sharpie glued to your hand on moving weekend and vigorously scribble the words “kitchen” or “living room” on every box. Slow down and organize. Use colored tape to indicate rooms. On the colored tape, give a brief description of the contents. Trust me, the little extra time will pay off.

5. Plan the Layout of Your New House before M-Day (Moving Day)

Sit down with a blank layout of your new home and plan it out. List where your couch, entertainment center, dressers, beds, dining room set, and singing bass fish wall fixture will be located before the big day. This will save a lot of time pushing furniture around and arguing when and where you want the fish to sing to you.

6. Place Clothes in Hangers in Trash Bags

Rather than pull your clothes off hangers, fold them, box them, unpack them, and rehang the now ridiculously wrinkled clothing, save yourself the trouble of several steps and wrinkled shirts. Take a trash bag, wrap it around the hanging clothes, and tie the trash bag around them. Now your button down Hawaiian shirts are packed and wrinkle free.

7. Use Rolled Up T-Shirts to Separate Glassware

You are going to need to pack your shirts anyways. You might as well make use of them. Rather than bubble wrapping each fragile glass, place a rolled up shirt in between each cup in the box. It will stabilize your glassware in a way that will keep it from breaking on the trip.

8. Before All Else, Pack Your Travel Bag

Pack your travel bag before you even begin packing. If you are like me, you packed everything in your home only to realize you forgot clothing for a couple days. Not only are you cranky because moving sucks, but you are stuck in stinky moving clothes. Pack your travel bag first.


This is not an exhaustive list. I am sure your moving day horrors have taught you a lot of valuable lessons and hacks for your next move. Go ahead and add these 8 hacks to make moving day a breeze.

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