8 Great Ideas for Maintaining a Pest Free Home


Your home is meant to be a safe space where you shouldn’t have to worry about intruders, no matter what species they might be. Invading insects and other pests are one of the most annoying aspects of home ownership, but there are ways to maintain a pest-free home without much additional effort or cost. Pest control is vital if you want to keep your home from being overrun by unwelcome visitors. Below are eight ways you can actively keep the pests from entering your home.

  1. Constant Vigilance

The best way to maintain your home’s low pest population is to keep a close watch on potential sources of pests. For instance, most types of ants send out individual scouts in order to determine if an area is worth exploring. These scouts can be a big red flag that a larger infestation is on the way. You should also pay attention to the areas around your home to reduce the number of outdoor elements that interact with the physical structure of your house. Shrubbery and other ornamental lawn decorations can be hotbeds of pest activity.

  1. Seal From The Outside

Go around the outside of your home and use a foam sealant of some sort to patch up any cracks or crevices that may allow insects to enter the house. These are often found around door and window seals, but anywhere with a path indoors could be used by insects to infest your home. Vents and pipes also present opportunities for small insects to enter the home, so be wary of any unsealed portions.

  1. Keep A Clean Home

Bugs and other pests have a strong tendency to go where messes are rampant. A clean home is less appealing to an insect since there are fewer areas to hide and fewer opportunities for food. Vacuuming and dusting can eliminate the attractive elements that drive insects indoors in the first place. Anything that can help prevent insects from entering in the first place is a great idea.

  1. Properly Store Food

It’s no secret that insects are attracted to loose food items, and those are often the items that insects enter your home hoping to find. Improperly stored food can attract insects into your home, and if they can get to the food that drew them in to begin with, they will continue to return, usually in greater numbers. It is recommended that any unsealed food items should be stored in plastic containers with an airtight lid.

  1. Remove Excess Moisture

Insects need to drink water just like humans, and any moisture that gives them the opportunity to drink is simply another reason for them to stay indoors. Removing as much extraneous moisture from your home will force insects to retreat back outside if they want to find water. Not only that, but stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other microscopic pests. A dehumidifier is helpful if your home is especially humid.

  1. Use Natural Solutions

If a pest situation gets out of hand, you’ll most likely be tempted to try using some form of insecticide. While these chemical products can be quite effective, they are often unsafe for use inside the home. The chemicals are dangerous to people as well, so natural solutions should be used instead. Certain products like vinegar and dish soap are able to repel ants and other crawling insects without the dangerous side effects.

  1. Lay Insect Traps

According to Choice Pest Management, Inc., cockroaches are at the forefront of home infestations, and they can be one of the most annoying species to deal with. Fortunately, they respond well to food traps. The best way to lay one of these traps is to mix something sweet with something lethal. A commonly used mixture is sugar and Borax. Cockroaches will then eat the mixture assuming it is pure sugar and promptly die as a result of the Borax poisoning.

  1. Contact Professional Help

Home infestations are a nuisance that even the most prepared homeowner might lost control over. In these cases, it is best to get in touch with a professional exterminator. These highly trained individuals can provide a much more comprehensive pest control system for your home, and they can deal with infestations firsthand.