8 Essential Reasons to Stay Up-to-Date With Political News


1. Your Vote Really Is Counted

Contrary to what you may hear, votes do get counted. Make sure that you are informed of the political viewpoints of all the candidates. This enables you to vote for the person who most closely reflects your own point of view.

Local politicians affect your personal life, whether you are paying attention or not. The amount of local tax you pay, the restrictions on your freedoms and the job opportunities you have in your state are just a few of the important issues that affect you directly.

Only a handful of elected officials make the major decisions that affect the lives of millions of people. Casting your vote on time and for the person who will most likely make your life easier and better is an important right we have in this country. Staying up to date on the current issues of your town and state will allow you to vote wisely.

2. You Can Affect Change

Whether through writing, speaking or producing videos, you can influence others. Being fully informed about a particular issue will allow you to present your views confidently.

We often approach a new issue with a certain attitude. We are for it or against it. Then later, after looking at all the facts, we change our opinion. Without staying up to date on these issues, we can easy influence others in ways that ultimately will work against what we truly want for our lives, family and friends.

If you have not stayed current on an issue and you approach someone who has, the experience can be very frustrating. Approaching a topic with a strong belief but not all the facts will leave you feeling confused when talking with a person who is better informed.

The ideal solution is to stay up to date on the political issues of the day and welcome new facts as they come to light. Otherwise, you may work passionately for a viewpoint that is not in your own best interest.

3. Most Likely, You Are a Political Activist

Social media is a big deal these days. Even the politicians spent about 9% of their campaign budgets on reaching social media-ites during this last presidential election.

If you have spent time reading political comments on social media and have jumped into the political buzz, you are a political activist. You may not be marching in the streets but you are participating in the nation’s political dialog along with the politicians who share the same social platforms you are on.

With your posts, you are letting your political opinions be known. Your comments may have influenced others to think your way. These days, staying up to date on political issues may be as easy as logging into Twitter and reading the tweets. As soon as you respond, you’re an activist.

4. Politics Affects Your Finances

Knowing which way the political wind is blowing can help you make an informed decision about how you will spend or invest your money, according to Louder with Crowder.

For example, if you stay up to date on the value of the dollar, you will know the best time to invest in gold and silver. If the buying power of the dollar goes up, many people believe that it is a good time to buy precious metals. When the dollar is struggling, the dollar value of gold and silver rises.

Investing can be a complicated thing. The most successful investors pay close attention to the political maneuverings around the world. The Brexit vote for Brittan to exit the European Union, sent financial investors into a tailspin trying to determine the risk of being invested in the Euro currency.

Locally, your politicians make decisions that affect your family’s finances. A large-scale building project may raise your taxes or mean a boon to your business – or both. Staying up to date on what measures your local politicians are planning to pass, can greatly influence what you do with your time and money.

5. If the Government Threatens to Shut Down…

Millions of people are negatively affected when the federal government shuts down. Imagine if someone had a small business and decided to just shut the doors when the owners couldn’t agree on something. It’s a counterproductive solution, to say the least.

If you’re planning a trip abroad, pay close attention to what the federal government is doing. Get your passport in order as soon as possible. Passports and other documents will not get processed if the federal government can’t keep its act together.

If you have your eye on buying that new Smith and Wesson, don’t wait. If the Washington DC politicians are threatening each other (and us) with a government shutdown, your gun permit will be dead in the water.

If you’re a veteran, a government shutdown could mean that your veteran’s benefit check may be delayed.

6. Pay Attention or You Could be Tricked

A little research can go a long way. When politicians fly all over the world screaming that the polar ice caps are melting because Americans are driving too many old Fords, a few moments of fact checking will show you that the ice caps always melt during half the year then freeze back up again in the other half.

These days, double-checking may not be enough. Triple-checking is safer. Staying up to date on political issues is more than just listening to what politicians (or anyone else) is saying. With the internet in our hand most of the time, it’s easier than ever to know the truth of a matter.

Sometimes a little research does not go far enough. Dig until you hit pay dirt. Separate fact from fiction but not by what someone else tells you. It’s your responsibility to stay up on the issues.

7. What Politicians Do Can Affect Your Monthly Income

This is particularly true for seniors who are receiving social security income. Whenever a politician even mentions the words “social security,” millions of seniors turn up their hearing aids. There will be no messing with that program. Many seniors depend on that money for rent and food. So they remain up to date on anything dealing with that issue.

8. The Most Important Reason to Stay Up to Date with Political News

The day may come when you want to run for office. Don’t laugh. Things like that happen.

The more you pay attention to what politicians do, the more tempted you will be to elbow someone out to get the job done right yourself.

When you campaign for any political office, a quiver-full of questions, which often feel more like arrows, with be fired your way. If you have been paying attention and thinking for yourself, you’ll shine like a star. Americans are looking for new energetic candidates who know what they’re talking about.

These are just some of the reasons why being politically aware is in your own best interest. Believe that your vote and voice will be counted. Politics can be extremely interesting and full of drama. Don’t be left out. You don’t want to miss the show.