8 Essential Reasons to Call a Professional Plumber


While you might enjoy do-it-yourself projects, working on plumbing fixtures and pipes is a difficult job. There are eight essential reasons to call a plumber for your home rather than trying to tackle the job on your own.

1: Have a New Toilet Installed
Toilets last a long time, and it is possible to replace some of the components that are located inside the toilet’s tank. However, a toilet that is not repairable requires replacement as soon as possible. Lifting and moving a toilet into a home requires a lot of physical strength, and you must also understand how to turn off a building’s water before removing the old toilet. If you call a plumbing company, a team of plumbers will work together to install a new toilet in only a few hours, and they will make sure that it is functioning optimally.

2: Replace a Bathroom Sink’s Faucet
If the handles are falling off of your bathroom sink’s faucet, then you need to have the item replaced. Faucets have numerous parts, making the items difficult to install, and you must have specialized tools to perform the job. When you call a plumber, she is able to remove the old faucet before installing a new device. If you don’t understand how to select a new faucet, then a plumber can help you with the process. Before leaving your home, the plumber will verify that the handles and other devices on the faucet are working correctly.

3: Inspect and Drain a Water Heater
You should have your home’s water heater inspected and drained occasionally to prevent water or natural gas leaks. “With a water heater inspection, a plumber can find problems with the thermostat, intake pipes or holding tank before the appliance stops working at an inconvenient time,” said SC Plumbing Services. Some water heater problems are easy to fix while others are not cost-effective. When a water heater has serious defects, it is better to replace the item, and a plumber can drain the appliance before installing a new device.

4: Fix a Leaky Water Pipe
When a water pipe breaks in the middle of the night, this is an essential repair that requires the service of an emergency plumber. If you know where the main water valve is located in your home, then turn it off to prevent water damage. You can call a plumber at any time for an emergency repair of your home’s water pipes. Plumbers keep extra sections of water pipes inside a service van in order to complete a repair immediately.

5: Install a Kitchen Garbage Disposal
If you are tired of carrying food scraps to a wastebasket, then contact a plumber for the installation of a garbage disposal. Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen makes it easier to get rid of smelly scraps of garbage to prevent infestation of rodents and insects. A plumber can remove the water pipes from your kitchen sink in order to install the garbage disposal unit, and he will make sure that it is functioning before leaving your home.

6: Remove a Difficult Clog from a Sink
When a rubber-tipped plunger won’t dislodge a sink’s difficult clog, contact your favorite plumbing company. A plumber will have additional tools to remove the thick clogs that are composed of grease, hair or bathroom tissue. With an auger or enzymatic cleanser, a plumber can shift the clog in the drainage system so that water flows normally through the pipes.

7: Pipe Installation Inside a New Home
If you are building a new home, then it requires a complete piping installation. A plumber understands how to install pipes inside walls so that you can have water and drainage systems in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room of your home. Having high-quality pipes in your home can help to prevent problems such as rusty and odorous water.

8: Exterior Sewer Line Cleaning
A plumber can also help you when the sewer lines outside your home are having problems. When debris freezes inside a sewer line, it can expand, and this causes the line to crack, but a plumbing company can repair the sewer line in only a few hours.