8 Essential Beauty Items For a Bride’s Big Day


In addition to having a wedding dress, veil and shoes, a bride must have an assortment of makeup for her face and styling items for her hair. It is important to find the best makeup for a wedding day far in advance. By visiting a professional makeup artist, a bride can have an evaluation to choose the makeup and hair care items that look best with her hairstyle and garments. A bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day, so it is essential for her to have these eight beauty items available.

1- Lipstick

Most brides want to wear lipstick on their wedding day, and it is important to choose the best color for the bride’s skin tone or hair color. Visit a professional makeup artist to select the right color of lipstick. In addition to having lipstick, you may need lip brushes to apply the makeup. Learn how to apply lipstick correctly so that your lips won’t look too large or thin in your wedding day photographs.

2- Hairbrush

Brides love to have beautiful hairstyles on their wedding days, and it is essential to have a hairbrush in a makeup bag or suitcase. To choose the right type of hairbrush, a bride must understand her type of hair. Women can have curly, straight or wavy hair, and manufacturers make hairbrushes with bristles or shapes that are appropriate for each type of hair. Make sure to clean an older hairbrush, or buy a new one to use on your wedding day.

3- Foundation

To avoid having shiny skin in your wedding day photographs, you must have liquid foundation. Choose a lightweight foundation in the summer, but in the winter, you can wear a heavier foundation product. Make sure that the foundation matches the color of your skin. It is a good idea to select a waterproof product that won’t slide off your face while you are perspiring. Bring along protective capes to wear over your wedding dress while you are applying your foundation makeup.

4- Eye Shadow

With the right colors of eye shadow, your eyes will look more attractive as you walk down the aisle. Learn how to apply eye shadow in the proper way so that you have a classic appearance on your wedding day. Don’t select garish colors that won’t look beautiful with a white or off-white wedding dress. Make sure to have clean eye shadow applicators to create attractive eyelids. You can find powder or liquid eye shadow products that are formulated for normal or sensitive skin.

5- Blush

If you wear blush on your cheeks on your wedding day, then you will have a gorgeous facial appearance. Blush makeup is available in a variety of colors that have pink, red or coral undertones. Bring along makeup sponges so that you can apply the blush lightly along your cheekbones. With a makeup sponge, you can blend the blush on your cheeks to have a natural-looking face.

6- Tweezers

It is important to have tweezers available to pluck a stray hair along a bride’s eyebrow. Tweezers are also appropriate for removing other facial hair along the chin or cheeks. With the right type of tweezers, you can also remove ugly nostril hair to have a more attractive photograph. Make sure to buy high-quality metal tweezers with a straight or slanted edge, and always, keep the tweezers sanitized.

7- Concealer

In addition to foundation, you may need a concealer product to cover the blemishes on your skin. A nervous bride may develop pimples or blackheads on her wedding day. Choose concealer makeup that is heavier than foundation and that has a slightly darker color. It is important to blend concealer carefully to avoid having dark spots on your face.

8- Mascara

You can have lush eyelashes by wearing mascara. This makeup product is available in a variety of colors, including brown or black. Practice applying mascara on your eyelashes to avoid poking your eyeballs with the applicator. In addition to having mascara, you may want to bring along an eyelash curler that creates beautiful eyelashes.

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