8 Enjoyable Ideas for Weight Loss this Summer


Losing weight in preparation for summer can be a miserable experience for many people. Usually involving days of fasting with bland meals and exercising for hours at the local gym, it’s hard to follow through with your weight loss goal if there is no fun and excitement in it. Here’s 8 ways to make weight loss more fun this summer.

Do It with Friends
Friends and family members can make exercising more fun and exciting. While some upbeat music will keep you energized long enough to withstand that 30-minute treadmill, talking with someone about an interesting topic makes time fly by. It’s also easier to complete your weekly routine if you’re doing it with someone. Exercising with friends can also be fiercely competitive, which encourages you to push yourself to the limit.

Eat Right
A common misconception with dieters is that weight loss can be achieved through skipping meals and starving yourself. Although you can shed a few pounds after weeks of punishing yourself, this isn’t exactly the healthiest path to losing weight. Eating smaller portions frequently can help you lose weight without sacrificing health. As a general rule of thumb, never go more than 4 hours without eating.

Make Your Own “Best Workout”
People who decide to work out to lose weight often search for the grail-worthy regimen that can supposedly transform their body overnight or at least within the quickest possible time. Research indicates that people who matched their workout routine with their personality and preference ended up being happier and more inclined to continue towards their goal.

Reward Yourself
Just like a puppy getting rewarded for good behavior, men and women who are able to successfully follow their meal plan or exercise plan should reward themselves with something at the end of the week. This could be anything from a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant or an out-of-town weekend getaway. According to Fitness 19, “Remember that you are trying to lose weight not only to look good but also to live a happy and healthy life.”

Turn to Inspirational Messages
While it may sound cheesy, inspirational quotes and messages can fuel your mind and body into doing things that’s quite frankly dull or tiring. Whether it’s lifting weights or eating flavorless oatmeal, an inspirational quote that connects with you can be a powerful tool for restoring your spiritual energy and drive to accomplish the goal at hand. Even a simple “Today’s the day” or “You can do it” can make all the difference in your motivation and energy to lose weight successfully.

From smart watches to specialized workout shirts, being fashionable while working out improves your mindset. It also makes you look and feel more confident while helping you avoid injuries that can occur if poor quality gear and equipment are worn. In addition, accessories improve your performance by monitoring and recording key statistics, which can be used later on to analyze performance so you can adjust accordingly. Investing in good sports wear subconsciously obligates you to work out so as not to waste the items you’ve bought for the activity.

Go on an Adventure 
Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path. Gyms and fitness centers do provide a structured way of losing weight, but they aren’t as fun and exciting as rock climbing and mountain hiking. Going on adventures let you sweat off those extra pounds plus detoxifies the stress and pressure you’ve accumulated from busy work and family schedules. While group adventures are fun, don’t be afraid to go on solo adventures as well to nourish your spiritual growth and development.

Volunteer work can be physically intensive as well as socially engaging. You can meet new people and learn new skills that can be applicable later on in life. Whether it’s at the local pet shelter or church, volunteer work is a good way to lose weight while also making good use of your summer break time. As a cherry to the topping, you can even add it to your resume once you start applying for work.

These are only eight of the many ways you can lose weight this summertime while still having fun. Remember to practice safe and healthy lifestyle choices to make weight loss more effective for the long haul.

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