8 Easy Tips to Have an Organized Move


Whether you’re moving across the state or across the street, moving can be a stressful process. It can be overwhelming to think of all the things you’ll need to get squared away before the big day, such as cleaning your current place, finding people to help, and getting your home packed up.

To make things easier, here’s a short guide that will help take that chaos and make the move a little more manageable.

1. Start Early

Moving day should not be the same as packing day or “supply collection” day. As soon as you know when you’ll move, start collecting boxes (look for people who are giving them away to save money), throw away some items, and start packing up the non-essentials first. Get the keys to your new place if you can, schedule cleaners and movers to arrive, and start the process of getting utilities transferred or canceled.

2. Make a List

The best way to keep your thoughts and your actions organized is to create a list of all the different things you’ll need to do, starting with the most important and working your way down. Then, simply go through the list and knock things off one at a time. In addition, create an inventory of everything you’re planning on moving so that you can make sure everything gets transferred.

3. Purge

Let’s face it, there are several things at your house right now that you probably won’t use ever again, so make the moving process a time that you purge items from your house. Either have a garage sale to make some money, throw items in the trash, or donate them to a charity of your choice and take advantage of some awesome tax deductions. The more you get rid of now, the less you’ll have to move with you.

4. Gather Supplies

Among the things you’ll need to move are tape, boxes, packing peanuts, and movers. If you plan on moving yourself, start calling in favors with friends and family members, and make arrangements to rent a truck. As mentioned above, if you start early enough, you should be able to get most of these items for free, so start asking around or put an ad on social media or online classifieds to speed up the process.

5. Label Everything

The last thing you want to deal with when you arrive at your new place is trying to figure out what items go in what room. Make that process easier by labeling every box with a vague description of what’s inside, or better yet, what room it should go in: kitchen, bedroom #1, etc. If you do this, then when you get to your final destination, it’ll be simple to take a box off and take it to the appropriate room.

6. Pack Smart

Don’t throw breakables inside of a box without any padding, wrap towels around electronics, and use smaller boxes for your books instead of large ones. In short, take your time and pack the boxes the right way so that things don’t break in transit or you end up throwing your back out from a box that weighs a couple hundred pounds.

7. Pack an Overnight Bag

While you’re packing, set aside several items that you know you’ll need the day of and day after, such as a change of clothes, toiletries, etc. Put these in a bag that goes with the truck, so that when you arrive and unload all your boxes, you won’t have to rifle through all your belongings to find what you need. This also allows you to pack everything up before the actual day of moving; otherwise, you’ll have to leave your essentials out to have something to wear that day.

8. Take Pictures

Before you start packing, go through your house and take pictures of the way things are arranged, as well as your valuables to have an idea of what they look like before the moving process (you’ll need picture proof in the event of something breaking). Also, snap a picture of the back of your TV or anywhere where cables are plugged in. This will make it easier to recreate your setup once you’re in your new place.