8 Brilliant Uses for Buckets for the Survivalist


Becoming a survivalist takes a lot of ingenuity and adaptability. You need to learn how to take care of your daily needs without the modern conveniences of technology and civilization. In this endeavor, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how much assistance a simple 5-gallon bucket can provide to you.

Garden Pot

Growing your own food is an essential skill to learn when you decide to become a survivalist. The only problem with beginning your own garden is finding healthy soil in which to grow your food. You can begin by making your own compost which will add proper nutrients and minerals to existing soil. Once you’ve done that, a bucket can double as your large garden pot. Simply fill it with dirt and compost, plant your seeds, water them regularly and watch your fresh garden foods grow. You can even make a network of garden buckets connected to a water reservoir.

Water Filtration System

While living off of the land, clean water can be difficult to come by. The best option is to build yourself a biosand water filtration system that will filter out bacteria, metals, and viruses. That can be easily accomplished with a bucket, PVC pipes, sand, gravel, and charcoal.

Rocket Stove

This is a very creative use of a metal bucket. With the proper equipment, you can turn your metal bucket into a survivalist stove. They are very efficient at heating up food and water. They’re very easy to make and require little kindling to get started.

Storage For Dry Supplies

Keeping treasured supplies dry during wet weather is an essential trick that every survivalist must learn. The great thing about a plastic bucket with a lid is that it will act as a sealed protectant for your toilet paper, paper towels, tinder, and fire starter. To increase the level of water protection it provides, wrap your dry items in a large, thick garbage bag before stashing them inside of the bucket.

Washing Machine

When you decide to live life without modern conveniences, keeping your clothes clean can be a challenge. This dilemma will be solved with simply a bucket, water, detergent, and a lid. Place your dirty clothes into the bucket, pour in some hot water, pour in a little detergent, seal it with a lid, and shake it vigorously for 5-10 minutes. Pour out the soapy water, fill it with clean water, and repeat this process to rinse your clothes.

Composting System

The ability to live off of the land will need to be fueled by the ability to properly grow your own plant food. The best way to ensure healthy, organic fertilizer for your garden is to create your own. Using organic food scraps, you can store them in a 5-gallon bucket for safe keeping until you’re ready to build your own composting system. This will require at least three 5-gallon plastic buckets, a lid, a drill, and red wiggler compost worms. Follow this guide to build your own.

As A Toilet

While movies and TV shows often depict characters in unfortunate situations using buckets as toilets, the concept isn’t as uncivilized as they make it seem. Simply use a garbage bag as a liner, pour in some kitty litter, and then do your business. It can be uncomfortable to sit on the bucket to do your poop business. Luckily, there are toilet seatsdesigned to fit on buckets that make the process more comfortable.

Bucket Backpack

Buckets have an incredible amount of holding capacity. They are great to use for carrying solids or liquids, gathering, or just using it to transport bulky items. To increase the convenience and efficiency of your bucket, try attaching ropes to it as straps and wearing it as a backpack. If creating your own bucket backpack is not in your skill set, you can always purchase a professionally constructed bucket backpack online.

While this may be an impressively brilliant list of uses for a simple bucket, this is actually just a small fraction of ways a bucket can be useful to you. Purchase a few buckets yourself and begin to experiment with them to see just how many other creative ways your bucket will add efficiency and convenience to your survivalist lifestyle.

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