7 Vital Reasons to Attend a Luau Show in Hawaii


Lushly beautiful Hawaii is one of America’s most visited places. Each year, thousands of travelers choose to come to this lovely part of the Pacific. If you’re heading here, you’ll want to make every moment count. A luau show offers the opportunity enjoy great food, meet Hawaiian natives and spend an evening out. It’s a memorable experience that all visitors should fully savor. 

Authentic Experience

Hawaiian culture extends back hundreds of years. For centuries, people have made the lovely islands their home. In the process, residents have developed a vibrant culture. People who participate in this culture today maintain their ancient traditions. Visitors who attend a luau are participants in a cultural experience that goes back a long time. They are part of a traditional that is still very much a part of the modern scene. This is a great way to get an introduction to the world of Hawaiian culture in a beautiful setting that encourages everyone to relax. 

Delicious Food

One of the most exciting aspects of attending a luau show in Hawaii is the chance to sample delicious food. Those who are come to the luau can expect to find dishes here that make full use of native ingredients. A standard luau might include the local dip known as poi for dipping. Along with poi, you’ll probably see a dish known as laulau that is made from the leaves of the tarot root. Main courses typically include the cured raw salmon dish known as lomi-lomi and chicken rice as well as pork. Fresh fruit is also typically on the menu, taking full advantage of locally available varieties. 

Fabulous Drinks

Another reason so many people love attending a luau is the fact that drinks are an integral part of the experience. Many luaus have both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Expect to find items like pineapple and orange juice on the menu for the little ones. Adults can enjoy classics like the Mai Tai and the Blue Hawaiian.

Guests From Around the World

Given the popularity of this form of entertainment, you’ll probably meet lots of people from around the world. This is a great way to make friends with people from different countries. Many people come here from distant countries such as Australia and Japan. A luau makes it easier than ever to strike up a conversation from someone from a distant land. 

Meet Native Hawaiians

Just like everyone else, Hawaiians love their luaus. A luau show is a chance for natives to show off their skills and celebrate something special in life. Natives love bringing the ancient ceremonies of their culture to as many people as possible. A luau show lets guests speak to people about their lives and what each aspect of the show means. It also means the chance to see how people here have celebrated event such as weddings and birthdays for many centuries. 

Polynesian Dances

The islands are part of Polynesian culture. People have learned to travel here from other, more distant parts of the world. Polynesian culture is deep and full of cultural events. One form of celebration are Polynesian dances. Many people are familiar with the hula dance. This is only one of many dances that has developed in this part of globe. At a luau, dancers demonstrate all sorts of Hawaiian dances. Movements emphasize grace with all parts of the body from the arms to the toes. Dancers wish to welcome distance visitors to their shores in a warm embrace of happy movement. 

Wonderful Music

Music is another part of any luau show. If you love music, you’ll get to appreciate it at the luau. It’s just as much part of the experience as the dancing, drink and food. Music is typically played on local instruments to accompany the dancers as they perform. Many luaus also feature music from the start of the show and as it continues. People can participate in the music or they can sit back and listen as it continues. Younger children may even be encouraged to be part of the luau show and learn a few authentic Hawaiian dance steps.