7 Unique Ways To Make Friends In Your New Neighborhood


If you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood, there are all kinds of opportunities awaiting you. One of the biggest is the opportunity to meet new people. While it can be daunting to approach strangers, you’ll be glad to form lifelong bonds. Here are seven unique ways to make friends in your new neighborhood.

1. Body language

You might not be psychic, but you can gather what someone is thinking based on their body language. If they seemed closed-off and unapproachable, you might not want to talk to them. However, if they are displaying friendly body language, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to speak to them. Simply smile and say hello. Tell them that you’re new to the neighborhood and about your background. If they reciprocate, you could have a wonderful friendship on the horizon.

2. Asking for help

People love to know that their help is requested. It makes them feel noticed and appreciated. If you’re new in the neighborhood, you’re going to need help with things like finding your way around and where to go for food and recreation. Bring these up with anyone you can. The chance to voice an opinion is not one that people will let pass easily, especially not about their neighborhood. Take these different opinions into consideration and work to determine the best course of action for you.

3. Group activities

There’s always something going on in a neighborhood. Look for a community calendar and see what sort of activities you could take part in. There might be volunteering, setting up for a block party, or yoga. Whatever it is, give it a shot. It might be something entirely new to you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it. Moving to a new neighborhood is a new experience. So, why not add to it? With group activities, you can form bonds with your neighbors via shared experiences.

4. Enjoy the outdoors

You won’t make any friends if you’re cooped up in your home or apartment all day. Take in some fresh air and see how it treats you. There should hopefully be some parks that you can enjoy and meet people at. If you have a dog, you can meet people when you’re taking them out for walks. Should you live in a year-round temperate climate, you can take even more advantage of the sunshine.

5. Host gatherings

Just because you’re new in the neighborhood, it doesn’t mean you can’t play host. Throwing a party or similar event (such as a cookout) shows your appreciation towards your new neighbors. Even if you don’t know them that well, this is your chance to really deepen your relationship. Being known as someone who throws terrific parties can greatly help your reputation in the neighborhood.

6. Open up

Friendships are rooted in trust. While you don’t want to immediately give your deepest secrets away, you should learn to discuss potentially sensitive issues to grow your relationships. Give your friends in the neighborhood a chance to speak as well. They have experiences and lessons to share with you. Through honest conversation, you can build each other up and grow individually.

7. Take chances

If you think there’s a chance that you would get along with someone, then give it a shot. You never know when you might click with someone. People with defensive body language might want a friend but not know how to show it. You might not become friends with everyone you approach, but you can definitely benefit from giving things a shot.

As you grow your social network in your new neighborhood, you’ll draw more and more people to you. Remember to maintain a friendly disposition and to view everyone as a potential friend. By following these tips, you can make and sustain friendships easily and gain the trust of people all around you.